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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pirates Tend to Take Your Stuff.

Unless… it looks like… we're stealing your priceless Lassiter, 'cause… that's what we're doing. Don't ask me about the gun, though, 'cause that's new.
Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly

I jumped into Eifer with a bit of wonder. The man had said it would be a good place to start. Maybe it was a trap. I monitored the public coms to see a ransom demand going on immediately upon entry. I figured I could catch them with their pants down and maybe score a kill or two. I checked the first belt. Nothing. The second, nothing. Third nothing. The timer was running out for the little pod. He wants a million in bounty. I send .1 isk in hopes of delaying him a moment more and pop into the fourth asteroid belt. His ship lights up on my overview and I lock target. He starts talking about blobs coming in local and runs. No kill but a full shipwreck from his target. I kick my microwarp drive on and steal the loot. Aha, a Beta Reactor Control Shield Power Relay. 3 million easy. I warp to deep space and wait. So far it's a good day.

I grew up dreaming of joining the Caldari navy. The battles, the excitement, the money. You know what I learned on another boring patrol through Nourvukaiken? It ain't exciting. It's not fun. It's work, and it will always be work. The Caldari department of human resources said I'd be a great pilot. That I enjoy. Jacking into a pod every day and experiancing the universe first hand is great.

You know the Amarr support slavery. I guess I was the only one who was unaware of how bad it really was. I was out on patrol in Nourvukaiken when I got a call to support an Amarr trade convoy. I got there and it was pretty bad, a Gallente/Minmatar civilian fleet were carving the freighters up. I saw one of the freighters split in half and it's cargo spill out into the black. Thousands of bodies flailed for a moment and were still. I managed to take down a Reaper and a fighter drone as I approached the carnage. The enemy fleet withdrew and me and a few pilots were left to do clean up. One of the bodies slammed into my ship. The Caldari navy lost a pilot that day, but he didn't die on the outside.

I started running, I ended up in Minmatar space, Heimatar. I began to find work in Balginia. I began to find Caldari equipment on the black market and put it to use against them. I had a purpose again.

No one is incorruptable. My new masters bickered and fought amongst themselves. The Angel Cartel wouldn't have such a stranglehold on commerce in Heimatar if the Minmatar would get together and drive them out. I gave up on it. A friend of mine, Kara Mei, hacked into the regional log books and found someone else's piracy logs. Seems fun, bit of the freedom I desired. I went. Sold all of my things, loaded up 4 Kestrals and headed to my new home.

So far I've shot at a couple of ships and killed nothing. Not the most glorious start to my new life of independence and freedom, but it's something.