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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guide: Safespots

A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.
William Shedd

Read this and this before using this guide. You will need to have set up your overview properly for this to be of use.

So you jump into a system and you're just off a gate. Enemies are in hot pursuit, and you need to give yourself enough time to formulate a plan. You need a safe spot. It's alright, everyone gets into these situations sometimes. I don't blame you.

First, warp to a planet at a distance that isn't 0:

Then, open up your people and places window by clicking where I've put a white arrow.
Click "Add Bookmark"
Now, at this point, wait until you're in warp, preferably a few seconds in before you hit ok.
You will be given a safespot somewhere between the points you've warped from and to:
Once you land, immediately right click in space and warp to your newly created safe haven:
You'll shortly be in warp to your new safe spot:
Once you land, look around. Depending on where you've made it, you may see a lot or nothing at all. You may make as many safespots in a system as you so desire. Just be sure to keep them clearly labeled.
To ensure a clear labeling, assuming you didn't have time to name it while you were warping, just open up your people and places again. Then right click on the bookmark you made. In this page, any bookmark that belongs to the system you're in is green. Once you right click on that bookmark, you can edit it or even delete it.
Once you're done, take a look at it. Each bookmark has a row of identifying information. You can sort them by that information. That includes jump(distance from your current system), Sol(System it's located in) and more. The best organization I can imagine is to sort it by the names of the systems they're located in.
Remember, any point to point safe is in what's called a "travel lane". That means people can sometimes see you while they're in warp. To keep them guessing, once in your new safe, pick a new celestial object and make a new bookmark between it and your current safe. Now you've got one out of the path of a celestial. You'll be much harder to find there. When warping to a celestial you can also create a bookmark just before you land, giving you a very close spot to use your directional scanner from. That'll be covered in the directional scanner guide.

Finally, no safe spot is completely safe. Some are however, safer than others. Any spot more than 15 AU's from another object is not easily found directional scanners. Such a spot will give you even more safety. It will generally also require a bit more time to probe you out. That's another thing, in any safespot you can be probed down. It can happen quickly. Be on the lookout.


  1. Good general guide. I highly recommend that folks practice this, along with most combat drills, before actually having to use it in an "Oh, cr.. moment" to get the muscle movements down pat. Just an edit:

    Any spot more than 15 AUs from another object is NOT easily found BY directional scanners.

  2. Just a thought about safe spots that I've noticed a lot of players seem to forget... Even in a safe spot, stay moving! Align your ship to a celestial and burn towards it full speed.

    This does a couple of things. One, makes you just a bit harder to probe down, and two, even if they do probe out your location, by the time they warp to it, you could be out of their range and gives you time to warp away.

  3. nice post, very informative and clear for those new to 'safe-spotting'. thumbs up!