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Monday, August 10, 2009

Hey, Buy This! To late!

Bit of self serving advertisement, got a character I need to offload. It flies Gallente Freighters, Transport Ships, and the Itty 5. It can use a cov ops cloak. Never mind. It sold.

Once I've freed up the slot I may be creating a piracy alt. I hope to be doing that anyhow. Thank you gentle readers, and if you have time, bump the thread.

Oh and as for content, have a rifter wallpaper I just screenshotted:


  1. Now that's interesting: a pirate quits piracy and then creates a pirate alt.

  2. Looks like a quite useful character, if I didnt already have a freighter alt I'd pick it up!

  3. /me lols at dear Hal. You can take the out of piracy but you can't take the piracy out of the boy.

  4. Snicker....that's all I'm going to say on the Pirate Alt.

    1 Bil for that character....sorry 1.5 bil, really? I'm not questioning the price but how did you come to that price? Ok, I am questioning the price. Did you find comparable?


    Is a good example of someone else selling similar.

    As for a piracy alt, just a little something to break up the boredom sometimes.

  6. Hal my friend, just come back to Hal!


  7. Yes, just come back as Hal, we miss you. Why not?

  8. And now everyone knows my real name >.< No hiding now!