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Monday, February 8, 2010

Aralis Interview: CVA's View of the War With AAA

'Cause suicide is painless
it brings on many changes
and I can take or leave it if I please.
and you can do the same thing if you please.
Johnny Mandel - Suicide is Painless

Hallan Turrek > Thanks for sitting down with me, I know you're pretty busy these days.
Aralis > Sure.
Hallan Turrek > Why is Against All Authorities attacking you?
Aralis > Well they've always attacked us. It's what they do.
Hallan Turrek > Wait, during the dissolution of CVA by hackers, didn't they help protect Providence?
Aralis > Well they certainly didn't abuse the situation.
Aralis > An honourable gesture and respect to them for that.
Hallan Turrek > I was to understand they actually camped gates to protect your space.
Hallan Turrek > Is that not true?
Aralis > I don't actuallyl know it wasn't in our space. It could ahve been.
Hallan Turrek > So you respect them, but still consider them an enemy before and after that?
Aralis > Respect would be far too strong.
Aralis > They had one respectable incident.
Aralis > There have been many dishonourable incidents with A.
Aralis > But all credit to them for that one.
Hallan Turrek > Like what?
Aralis > Evil Thug using pos bumping techniques, them infiltrating our ranks with alts and spies.
Hallan Turrek > So you consider them to be dishonorable on the whole?
Aralis > Well to be fair they've had a change of leadership and they aren't as bad as they were.
Aralis > ET was very dishonourable.
Hallan Turrek nods
Aralis > I think they are pretty average for a 0.0 alliance.
Hallan Turrek > So you believe they have a history of aggression against you?
Aralis > No kidding. :)
Hallan Turrek > What's caused that to boil over?
Aralis > Loads of things.
Aralis > The biggest is us claiming space in Catch and them retaliating.
Aralis > The core reason is them giving bases to UK in their space.
Hallan Turrek > So CVA intended to expand into Catch?
Aralis > Yes - and to kick UK off our borders.
Hallan Turrek > How did AAA respond to your taking parts of Catch, initially?
Aralis > They fought back - they were a bit busy at the time with Goons.
Aralis > Then they came back and fought harder and invaded Prov.
Hallan Turrek > You could understand how it might be easy for those looking at this from the outside to fault CVA, right? I mean, you attacked them, they've defended you in the past when you needed it...
Aralis > I don't think fault comes into it.
Aralis > AAA are a big alliance beating up their neighbours as they have always done.
Aralis > AAA were and are our enemies dedicated to our destruction.
Hallan Turrek > And they've always been such?
Aralis > Not sure really. I think ost of the time they simply haven't thought about us.
Hallan Turrek > So that's the only reason why they haven't tried this before?
Aralis > Well they have tried it before to some extent.
Aralis > Dominion changed the rules and made it much much easier for them.
Hallan Turrek > So why attack them, if that's the case? Obviously they're ignoring you, so why provoke them into noticing you?
Aralis > Because they gave bases to UK on our border.
Hallan Turrek > Does CVA consider UK as large a threat now, or is AAA more serious?
Aralis > AAA are much more serious.
Aralis > But UK are just AAA pets now so it's all one and the same really.
Hallan Turrek > Are UK participating in the invasion?
Aralis > With all they can bring.
Aralis > They have hired pirates like Noir to harass us.
Hallan Turrek > Heh.
Hallan Turrek > Are the rest of your members and allies angry at how things have turned out?
Aralis > Why would we be angry?
Aralis > UK and AAA have always been our enemies.
Aralis > I suppose we are disappointed how much they metagame.
Hallan Turrek > I'm just curious as to if the people who have lost systems are angry.
Aralis > And I at least am furious with CCP for their stupid Dominion patch.
Aralis > No mostly they are made of sterner stuff than that.
Hallan Turrek > So no one is angry, inside CVA?
Aralis > Angry with who about what?
Hallan Turrek > The invasion.
Aralis > I don't understand angry in this context.
Aralis > Fired up to kill our enemies.
Aralis > But they have always been our enemies. This is what they do.
Aralis > Only treachery is a reason for anger.
Hallan Turrek > By your estimation, is AAA winning right now?
Aralis > Of course.
Aralis > Doesn't mean they will win in the end.
Aralis > Dominion made Providence unworkable. Eve is now a momentum play. Just staying quiet in your own corner is not a viable plan.
Hallan Turrek nods
Hallan Turrek > Then is it safe to say that CVA has plans to leave Providence, regardless of the outcome of the war?
Aralis > Heavens no.
Aralis > Dominion favours the attacker very heavily. And it was always obvious AAA planned to attack us. They are napped with all their other neighbours now and it seemed likely to head that way.
Aralis > But CVA won't leave Providence regardless of the outcome.
Hallan Turrek > Yet you said your current situation is unworkable, do you plan to invade other space?
Aralis > Catch yes. We have to drive UK out and we have to have better space.
Aralis > And more.
Aralis > Dominion kills the idea of small empires.
Hallan Turrek > So CVA is going to expand if they win?
Aralis > (I don't mean more than Catch - I mean we need more than we have.)
Aralis > Yes.
Hallan Turrek > How much of Eve is enough?
Aralis > Such that no one has bases within jumprange of your core systems.
Aralis > Ultimately however Dominion makes it likely there can only be one powerbloc in Eve.
Hallan Turrek > Is CVA going to be that powerbloc?
Aralis > I'm sorry not discussing our current strategy.
Hallan Turrek > I think we should wrap this up.
Hallan Turrek > Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.
Aralis > I can't say good luck - but have fun. ;)
Hallan Turrek > Good luck to you.
Aralis > ty o/


  1. Hrm, I dont really think he understands how SOV warfare is done in Dominion..

    It favors the defender, not the attacker.

    Also, Dominion was geared to favor the small alliances, you dont need large patches of space, just improve what you have.


  2. Hahahahhaha, grmphhh talk about disillusional.

    I'm sorry Aralis, but dominion makes it easier on the defender. The fact That CVA lost D-G is a error in fc-ing. The fact of you losing 9uy is because well you are not ther e are you!

    Dominion as per ccp's statement makes it easier for smaller alliances to get a foothold in 0.0

    You are so funny and pathetic if you even think you (CVA) are not to blame for the mess you're in

  3. I would have to say that over the past few years, CVA has stagnated in their abilities.

    Once upon a time their golden fleets used to be scary and now they are nothing more than targets waiting to pop.

    Welcome to the bigs - you want space, you need to learn big boys rules.

    It will be interesting when s3v turns on you to protect their super cap building industry. I am sure they are close to an agreement by now.

  4. Clearly he used this opportunity to spout some kind of CVA propaganda. He says AAA are the aggressors when CVA initiated the conflict. I can respect their desire to fight to the last man, but from personal experience, as I am down there right now, they are doing anything but fighting for their space.

    Obviously CVA has become top heavy and their narcissistic belief of their own superiority has come full circle... to bite them in the ass. This war will cleanse some of that, though most likely not top down. it will be interesting to see who steps up to claim prov when the fires die down a bit.

    As for game play and current lag issues Dominion makes it SO much easier for the Defender that it is truly silly to say anything different. HP totals on the structures and reinforce timers show as much to anyone looking. Lag for people IN the system (as defenders should already be) is less than those trying to jump in, as AAA should be doing from the aggressor side.

    Trying to dictate to a numerically(pvp pilot numbers) and strategically stronger alliance who they should and should not allow in their space is a fools game. CVA just gave UK the opening they needed.

  5. Just took 9UY station, no sign of Provi-defence.


  6. @aralis

    term - metagaming:
    U'k still respects the ROEs and have not planted spies in CVA ranks.
    CVA-pets have never made such an agreement with us... different matter.

    term - pets:
    i am not sure if that insulting word relfects the reality.
    We have been standing by AAA since a long while now as a military strategic partner. We have helped them securing their pipes, against invaders, against goons and so on - they have given us a place to grow and prosper in return.
    We dont have "obligations" like a pet has, we dont pay rent , like a pet does.

    We however, are known to repay our debts of honor, and we have found AAA
    to be the most respectful house with the most common interests.

    A relationship based on respect, and despite the difference in blob size, pretty much on same eyelevel.

    maybe, a bit like CVA and s3v - both of em with a good pvp reputation.

    sev started small, but with CVAs cover they have matured, and we have some respect for them. They deserve it.

    All i ask from you, grant us the littlest of respect.

    Sure, w/o AAA we could not take on the whole of provibloc, few alliances could.
    (in the past years some have tried and failed)

    Taht does not make us the little unable kids. eve knows it, time you learn it too.

    In the past days we broud several hundreds of pilots, and quiet a number of capitals & a few supercaps
    to the field.

    wakeup aralis, clock is ticking.

    / zool

  7. In this case Dominion favours the attacker because of time zones; all the enemy have to do is be in system in force first.

    The side with the earlier time zone wins, all they have to do is get in system as soon as possible and stay logged on. Any response formed with people from later Time Zones has to jump into system, and will experience black screens and all the wonderful things that happen after that :P

    The only way to defend a system in that situation is to go on the offensive and reinforce enemy systems while they are busy, to force them to respond, which in turn takes the pressure off your own side.