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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goddamned CCP

How can CCP make mistakes like this?

I genuinely appreciate the 100k extra skill points and the rather cool looking(if hardly functional) gift ship we got. I also understand that CCP is trying to do right by the playerbase. They try to make a game that we like, and try to improve it.

So how, do tell, did they manage to get their heads so very far up their own asses?

On the surface, they seem to be one of the few gaming companies to really get it. "If we want to make the player base happy, we listen to them, and do some of the things they want us to do,"

Solid plan that, until they start saying things like, "Listen, we're far to busy with our own projects to actually do any of the things you asked us to do, so we're really just pretending to listen to you. Even the very reasonable requests you've made, that would require hardly any of our time, yeah we won't do those either,"

Newsflash: We're not some talkative girlfriend who you have to ignore sometimes to be sane... alright that's a bit far, but you can't ignore us all the time. Eventually we're going to notice, and then you ain't getting any anymore.

So when we say things like, "Please for the love of god, make sure there aren't any serious bugs before you release new content," and the very next patch completely breaks the autopilot, we know you're not listening at all.

If the game code is so convoluted that... well whatever the fuck it was you did that broke autopilot can do that, maybe you should have someone devoted to all new content that makes sure it's bug free. The test server only goes so far, and doesn't adequately test much besides basic mechanics. How the hell are we supposed to know that whatever the fuck you changed was connected to the autopilot? How would we know to test that? CCP should goddamned have a guy.

On second thought, why doesn't CCP already HAVE that guy? You'd think there would be at least one dude devoted to finding bugs in new content. If they've got one already, he's not doing a very good damn job.

Put in just a little bit of effort please.

I mean goddamn it, CCP, could you at least stop shitting up your own fucking game?


  1. Working as dev lead for rather large software system myself, I can understand how these kinds of bugs can happen.

    ...understand, not forgive. Breaking something fundamental like the autopilot should have been caught by test right away.

  2. I concur. Even more so with Mynxees latest report in Reykjavik.
    Its good that posts like these are being written, and i hope these ridiculous problems that we -the paying customers - are complaining about, are shoved in front of CCP's face no matter where they look in order to force them to get their act together.
    Although how they will notice now, seeing as they've ignored us till now, is beyond me.

  3. Dude, its not a bug...its a feature! They were testing out ways to make low sec more enticing. Next will be no more warp to 0.

  4. Indeed, it seems like sometimes CCP shoots themselves in the foot by almost caring, but then ignoring everything but the most game breaking bugs in favor of new content. Some days its hard to tell if they legitimately listen to us, or just pretending to for the sake of giving us an intangible sense of hope.