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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Hiding Place - Contract Review

And the sinners are gonna be running,
At the knowledge of their fate.
They'll run to the rocks and the mountains,
But their prayers will be too late.
They forgot about Jesus,
Not knowing the end was nigh.
At the end they'll try to find a hiding place,
When it comes their time to die.
Dorothy Love - And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place

Did you know that a disbanded alliances war decs stick to the executor corp? I didn't. But that's such a good thing. We had a contract against an alliance called "Galactic overseers of domination", and within an hour of dropping the dec, they'd shed 20% of their members. Within a day, they'd disbanded. So we hunted them in the first 24 hours, and then the next 24(those timers can be real bitches sometimes) after they dropped alliance.

This led to some kills, and a lot of smack:

Before the kill:
SKSBone > shoot me
SKSBone > if you got a pair
SKSBone > whats the matter
SKSBone > you worried we will kick your ass?

After the kill:
SKSBone > is that all you guys got is blob tactics
SKSBone > weak

There's a huge log of him trash talking, and I pulled out some of the kinder words. But the whole log went up on our forums, and we decided to make an example out of them. We found the executor corp's POS, and then found the wormhole SKSBone used. He had three fairly nice POS' set up. First we took out one of the wormhole POS, then we downed the one left in empire, then we caught them trying to take one down, and blew it up as well. After the first POS, we got a request or two to stop from the targets:

BL00DH0PPER > were sorry
BL00DH0PPER > this shit sucks

SKSBone > well what can i do to save my assets here?
SKSBone > can we pay isk?

Finally Alek relented, and asked the employer if them paying us more money to stop would be worth it to him. He got a yes, and we got paid to leave their last POS alone(but we were still contracted to kill them, just not the POS). We killed quite a lot of ships belonging to the original smack talker as he tried to evacuate his assets, but I'll part with this one. It's pretty funny.

I kinda hope someone pisses us off that much again, that was quite fun.


  1. So you killed that last POS even though you were paid to not do so and even though you even AGREED to not do so?

    If yes, my last bit of respect for mercs just went out into space.

  2. It never even crossed my mind that someone could make that mistake in interpretation. I've clarified the post, no we didn't take their last POS down, we said we wouldn't do that thing... to me that equates to "and then we didn't do that thing".

  3. Nicely done. These ops always make me wonder what was behind the original contract. Rich pilot that recently got ganked? Turf war? Wormhole take-over? Mixture of above, etc.

  4. Always interesting to see the insides of a war dec between two other parties.

    Had a chuckle.