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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eve News Now: Episode 12

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My Name is Hallan Turrek, and this is Eve News Now.

You're tired, tired of staring at the same rocks, every day.

And you're bored, bored of shooting at the same rats in missions and anomalies,

And you're better than this, but you can't break out of the rut.

PvPing is expensive, so doesn't it make sense to get paid to do it?

Join Cosmic Cimmerians, an Aussie Corp with a strong US timezone presence. They've got a 90% efficiency and are a part of Noir. Mercenary Group, a proven and elite group of PvPers. They want people from all timezones to come and be better than they are.

If you've got more than 20 million skill points contact The Mnemone in game and set up an interview. That's "The Mnemone".

And really, aren't you tired of settling for just good enough?

February 13th
In Fountain: Test Alliance Please Ignore has decided to fully move into the recently conquered Fountain territories. With this move, they leave behind significant holdings in Deklein, which will likely revert to Goon ownership.

In Geminate: Rebellion Alliance has disbanded, taking with it the sovereignty of over 20 systems. A back and forth battle has been taking place all day between members of the Drone Russian Federation, who cyno'd in at the very moment the sovereignty dropped, and members of the Northern Coalition. So far the result is undetermined.

February 14th

In Geminate: The Drone Russians have a bit more to show today for their trouble, with the ownership of 6 systems in hand and 3 more in contention. They've managed to take less than half of the systems that Rebellion Alliance abandoned, despite apparent previous knowledge of their disbanding.

February 15th

In The Forge: A massive battle today between the Drone Russians and the Northern Coalition ended in a huge loss for the NC. After making the questionable decision to jump into Uemon, a system the enemy was already organized at, a massive lag spike and titan losses are all that resulted. The NC lost 10 titans and 5 super carriers, while only killing 2 of each in return.

In Delve and Querious: Pandemic Legion has decided to abandon Pure Blind and turn an eye to taking sov in IT's old systems. PL has taken 5 stations and a total of 7systems.

February 17th

In Fountain: It has been reported that RUS, the corp held most responsible for the handover of Geminate system from Rebellion Alliance to the Drone Russians has been accepted as a new guest in Fountain. While no hard proof has been offered on this, it would be an odd turn of events.

February 18th

In Delve: The system of KFIE-Z heated up today when a mostly even fleet battle erupted between Pandemic Legion and Against All Authorities. Well, it started even, it ended with PL killing half of the enemy fleet. It seems like a battle royale in Delve and Querious, with people getting involved all across EVE.

Anyone want to take bets on who wins?

This has been Eve News Now.

You always want to be a part of something bigger. You remember back in grade school when you joined the Pen 15 club? They're back, and they're rocking local in style.

Sometimes, you just can't help but be elite. You roll in, you kill the enemy, you take his stuff, and you warp away. That's just how it is.

You wanna join the Pen 15 club? Fine, take a look at Muppet Factory, if you're good enough maybe they'll let you in.

Then again, maybe not. If it was easy, they wouldn't be elite.

Special Thanks to Eve News 24, to CCP, and to Dotlan.

Thanks for listening!

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