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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knowing When To Fold

Nonsense, I have not yet begun to defile myself.
Doc Holiday - Tombstone

There are always going to be things that no one can teach you. Things you just have to learn by screwing up. Today I've encountered one. Lets go back a couple of days and start from the top.

Stealthfield's one of those corps I found through the blogosphere. As I contacted their CEO I found out they'd just broken away and formed up their own corporation. I inquired about the chance to work together and got a go ahead. So this weekend, while they went out to harass some folks, I came along in a stealth bomber.

The first night I was out there, I was still an unknown quantity. I managed a couple of kills under their noses before the capital ships came out to guard everything. I was happy with that and went to bed.

The next day I managed to get online with some others, but before I got started, and just after coming back from AFK cloak, I found a Blackbird guarding a mining Osprey. Aligned, bombed, got out. Too quickly in fact, I shoulda hung around because the Blackbird died in one volley of bomb and torps, and the Osprey was caught in the bomb blast. I was still happy with the kill and moved on.

As the gang started looking around for targets later, it was obvious they were scared and well protected, so we decided to move on. Securitas managed to catch an Armageddon on a gate, and that gave me my nicest kill so far in this thing. Four Steath Bombers, one battleship dusted.

Then today I hit a snag. Right now I've set up my overview to show planets and ships. So I can release a bomb and then warp away immediately. As long as an Arazu isn't out, I should be fine. Well today we decided to bomb the station undock where some frigates were sitting. We aligned, dropped bombs and then I hit the warp button.

Only nothing happened. I keep spamming warp and I get no messages, no anything. No lag either, I can see the Ishkur coming for me. An Ishkur burns my way and pretty soon I'm space dust myself. I let them have the pod and then went to write a petition.

About half way through it I realize my mistake. The Station was actually at a planet. I must've picked out that one randomly and that's why nothing happened when I hit warp. I cursed even more at that though because that meant it was just something I had to learn the hard way.

It's an expensive loss, the most expensive loss so far in my Eve career. I had missile implants in even, but I was annoyed so much that I just let them have the pod rather than try to jump back out. I calculated about a 200 million isk loss.

So I got pissed off and decided to play some poker. Mynxee has written and excellent guide on how to get started, and I highly recommend reading it.

Some of you who've been with me a while might remember my last foray into poker. It was one night, and I lost seventy million. I promised to never play again, because I'm not a patient man. I like the thrill of playing for a lot of money, but that's not how you win.

With a bit of luck, poker has paid for my bomber loss, so it stings much less(I never would have played it if I'd not lost a ship anyhow, so it's kind of a free lesson in what not to do next time)

I'll probably write up a story about that later, as for now:

Good Day.


  1. Oh Hal...I have done that very same thing warping to a planet and not moving, only to discover it's cuz I'm already AT that particular planet. Talk about feeling dumb!!!

    Glad poker treated you right this time ... playing carefully there can be very profitable.

  2. I'll be your huckleberry.

    That is all.

  3. Heh, you know, I don't think of Tombstone as that good of a movie. I found it a few days ago actually.

    The directing was amateurish(I'm sure Kurt Russel could do better but with such a big part to play as well, I'm sure it was difficult), Kurt Russel was good in most of his parts, but a bit corny in others. Alot of the characters came across as goofy when they weren't supposed to be.

    However, Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday blew me away. For that character alone I've rewatched that movie a few times. He just nailed it.

  4. Hah, that's exactly my opinion of the movie Hallan. It has it's shining moments, but over all it's comes across as just horribly overproduced and sappy. I like my westerns much more raw and unforgiving (wink wink). But at the same time.. Kilmer as Doc is one of my fav characters in about any movie I've ever seen. Just classic.