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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A Year Ago

Providence Imperial Trading Bank

Command Meeting Room

"I don't care, I want an Archon and a Revelation," Jarvik Tomalan pounded his desk as his staff cowered in their wood and leather chairs. He sat at the head of a long obsidian table which sparkled with the light of the stars from the exposed window.

"Sir," The woman to his direct left began, "The workers are getting restless. They have been working for the last few months without much rest,"

"You're in charge of worker morale. Do something about it. The war machine doesn't feed itself and god will not forgive us if we fail,"

"Yes sir," The woman answered with downtrodden eyes.

"If that's all," Jarvik said while placing his considerable bulk on his small feet, "I'll be going,"

He waddled out of the room and left the station staff a bit angry, and more than a bit confused.


The Black Mansion

Command Meeting Room

"So," Alekseyev Kardde leaned back in his chair as he spoke, "This is all ours. Right now it's just this and HP, but GA9 is falling as we speak. 7YW will follow soon after. This constellation is ours,"

The collected officers raised a glass and drank from them. A smile crossed everyone's face.

"Aleks," Hallan said after placing his glass on the table, "We've got a bit of a situation on the promenade,"

"A big problem," Mynxee said, with fire in her eyes.

A Year Ago

Providence Imperial Trading Bank

The Promenade

"Joka'Vild you stand accused of inciting rebellion and heresy. How do you respond?" The man speaking had his face covered by a black mask, and he stood on the second level of the promenade next to a man who had a rope tied around his neck.

"If by heresy, you mean I don't buy into that crap about you being better than me, then yeah, I'm a heretic," The accused was standing precariously on the edge of the railing, with two other men holding him by the legs.

The executioner pushed the man off his perch with a single shove, "The judgment has been made,"


The Black Mansion

The Promenade

Hallan, Mynxee, and Aleks stepped out of the corridor and turned towards the promenade. One side of which was both dirty and crowded with people, while the other was vacant and spotless.

"How long ago did you take down the fences?" Alek asked with a raised eyebrow.

"A few days ago. They won't cross. We've tried," Hallan answered as they walked.

"Well then we'll have to join them then," Alek motioned to a restaurant on the other side of the promenade.

They walked towards it and the crowd parted as they passed. The patrons looked surprised as they sat down at an empty table. One of the waitresses came over almost immediately. She was Brutor, just like Mynxee, but her eyes betrayed a broken spirit.

Hallan felt captivated by the girl as Aleks joked about the menu, "You guys got anything that isn't spicy?"

"I'm sorry sir," She said with a bit of fear, "But we can make anything you want sir,"

"Woah honey," Mynxee said standing up, "These guys are customers. We're not Amarrian, we're just some folks looking for a meal,"

"Lets be clearer," Aleks said rising out of his chair raising his voice over the hushed conversation, "Ladies and Genetlemen, CVA no longer controls this station. You are no longer under the thumb of the Amarr Empire. Your jobs, should you wish to keep them, will be compensated fairly. If you want to leave, you can leave. We will even provide you with transport to do so. You are free," He paused and sat back down, "I'll have the octopus salad,"

"I wanna see if I can handle brutor style wings," Hallan said as the girl smiled back at him.

"Make that two," Mynxee chimed in.

"And drinks for everybody," Alek said, tossing the girl some credit chits, "On me," Alek leaned towards Hallan and Mynxee, and whispered, "Lets make this a party,"


  1. ...and then the party started with SI Radio DJs :-D

  2. Wait, what? Aleks is buying? Hell YES!!!

  3. Interesting read, fiction about virtual RL happenings.

    Not all of us amarr are like the CVA.

    Spill about the blood of your enemies