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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Planetary Interaction: Not A Bad Way To Make A Living

I'm goin' down to Rose Marie's,
She never does me wrong,
She puts it to me plain as day,
And gives it to me for a song.

It's a wicked lie but what the hell?
Don't everybody got to eat?
And I'm just the same as anyone else,
When it comes to scratching for my meat.

Goin' to Acapulco,
Goin' on the run,
Goin' down to see that girl,
Gonna to have some fun, yeah
Gonna to have some fun.
Bob Dylan - Goin' To Acapulco

Here's some screen shots from 3 of my planets:

I jetted down to HK and set things up as soon as the market was seeded. Each of my planets produces one P3 product, and I can just let it keep stacking up for a long time before I have to come back to pick it up(just have to restart my extractors from wherever I am in eve). The very first Transcranial Microcontrollers came off the line and into my launch pad tonight(Scratch that, Smartfab Units from my Lava World came out first).

For anyone curious as to how this is set up, all of my planets follow the same process(each planet has a different P3 resource it can create without the need to move resources from planet to planet):

Barren Planet:
Tier 3: Transcranial Microcontrollers = Nanites + Biocells
Tier 2: Nanites = Reactive Metals + Bacteria
Tier 2: Biocells = Precious Metals + Biofuels
Tier 1: Reactive Metals = Base Metals(Raw Material)
Tier 1: Bacteria = Micro Organisms(Raw Material)
Tier 1: Precious Metals = Noble Metals(Raw Material)
Tier 1: Biofuels = Carbon Compounds(Raw Material)

All of my planets were small enough(because longer links can limit your ability to build) that I could afford two extractors at the start of the process for all resources.

Some information that I picked up: You cannot route something if the place it is going doesn't use it. That means that it's ideal to place all of your buildings, all of your links, and then start working back from the end of the process to set up your schematics. Send the products forward(with the final product going into the launch pad/storage). Your whole production line will be ready and waiting for raw materials, so you then can just go to each extractor, survey, and route to your first industry buildings. Bam, you're in business.

What skills will you need? I suggest every skill at 3 in the "Planet Management" section except Planetology which will need to be at 4 to get advanced planetology. My command centers are merely "Improved" and they handle this just fine(though on the storm planet, it's really stretching the CPU).

It's actually kind of enjoyable watching the things complete.

Some links you'll find helpful:

Eve Uni's Information.
Eve Uni's Tutorial.
CCP's Tutorial.
Find out what your planets can make.
Check your colony building.
Search for planets.

One last thing: Make sure you're hitting the submit button, it can get frustrating when you realize you've placed 15 buildings but haven't actually built them yet.


  1. Thanks for all the links, Hal. How much time did it take to set up each planet?

  2. Very cool post. Thanks for sharing the info!

  3. nice idea about working backwards when setting up the colony mate...that is a top notch idea!