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Friday, July 22, 2011

It's not like I was pretending to be nice...

The man said, "Why do you think you here?"
I said, "I got no idea"
Amy Winehouse - Rehab

So, I've been recruiting into my corporation. Things have been going well so far, a bit slow but that's expected. I did however, just kick out one member of my corporation for breaking the one corp rule we have. That rule is "don't be stupid,".

Now, I'm willing to accept some losses. This is not an elite PvP corp. However, when I talk to a member about his poor piloting, or poor fitting, he can be either apologetic, defiant, or ambivalent. Only one of those options will make me willing to overlook a stupid loss or a terrible fit. If I'm talking to them about a loss, they better listen, and I'd better KNOW they're listening.

So when this guy lost a Noctis worth a billion isk in high sec, I chatted with him about it. Nothing too mean, just offered him a fit to use in the future that would make a gank like that expensive and hard to pull off in a limited time frame. Then we discussed his terrible Devoter fit.

He was not receptive enough to the advice I offered, so I handled it the best way I know how. I waited for him to dock his ratting Archon and I kicked him out of the corp. I took his access away in a variety of places and waited for the inevitable convo. When it came, I accepted it.

Hallan Turrek > Get a cyno set up and get the fuck out.
Hallan Turrek > Have a nice day.
Sanctus Angelus > wtf?

And that was that, I closed the convo. He wasn't done yet though. Local lit up almost immediately.

Sanctus Angelus > yo you could have let me jump out at least
Sanctus Angelus > ?
Hallan Turrek > Eh, if you set up a cyno now, you'll probably get out in one piece.
Sanctus Angelus > if your were gonna kick me you could at least let me get my shit out
Hallan Turrek > Hey. You read the rules.
Hallan Turrek > I wasn't kidding.
Sanctus Angelus > what did i break?
Hallan Turrek > "don't be stupid"
Hallan Turrek > So really just the one rule I have.
Sanctus Angelus > how was i stupid then?
Sanctus Angelus > for being ganked in high sec?
Hallan Turrek > Ahh, see you're wasting precious time. Right now no one in here will gank you if you undock. You should get on that, get a cloak and wait till you get that cyno going.
Sanctus Angelus > way to be an asshole



  1. You're missing the faction tower BPC which is priced at 0 on the KB. The total with that is actually well over a billion. A couple shield of extenders and a DCU2 is not pimped out either. He read the rules, he knew what he was getting into. ;)

  2. 1- Noctis =/= Hauler. Nevermind with a crap-ton of expensive stuff.

    2- This Devoter is worthy of Ga'len's Fail Mail Friday; too bad he stopped updating his blog.

    3- I fully support and even applaud Hallan's decision!

  3. seems like that guy has more money than sense...

  4. Having seen all that chatter in local, this all makes so much more sense! had I known he might try and undock an archon, I might not have gone to sleep!

  5. I LoL'ed. Bet those guys are happy as hell with the tower BPC. The post comments are pretty sweet too.

  6. There is a lot left out tbh. Too much to make much of a judgment call. If there was a WD in place, undocking that ship was a major stoopid.

    Even if not, the loss of that much faction gear would hurt any one person let alone a corp... so, a possible was that he wasn't just carrying stuff for himself but also for others. If so, major stoopid.

    Frankly, if I've gleaned anything from listening to Hallan and Arydanika, it's that he doesn't suffer fools. He's pretty much straight to the point, like it or not.

    Anyone who joins up with them SHOULD know that and accept the consequences.

    Really, anyone joining a corp/alliance should do their homework to see if it's a good fit for themselves as well as the corp.

  7. I still think I was right:

  8. Not joking now (to prevent anyone thinking that I am being sarcastic): Suggest to the pilot that he applies for EVE University membership. He might benefit from the good advice those guys are giving.

    Still, thanks for making me laugh:
    Sanctus Angelus > what did i break?
    Hallan Turrek > "don't be stupid"
    When I heard that motto in the VandV podcast, I counted on hearing more of it in the future. :)