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Friday, October 10, 2008

Killing Is A Choice

And after we kill 'em all, sir?
Zoe Washburn - Firefly

So, after waking up today, I made a decision. I needed to add a few kills to my resume. This was certainly going to result in a lost ship or two, but I needed to blow something up. I knew a good place, so I clone jumped into Frarn and picked up my Drake. Once I arrived, I fitted it out with two Sensor Boosters and scan resolution scripts. I climbed into my pod and wasted no time setting course for Eifer.

I stopped one system out and hopped into a shuttle, taking it through the Eifer-Emo Gate, the Eifer-Gus gate and back again. I got back into my Drake and piloted my way to one of my Eifer safespots. I scanned the Gusandall gate and warped in. I aligned to a planet and began attempting to target ships as they warped in. I killed a bestower. Why in the hell the pod stuck around I'll never know, but I nailed that too. Huh, the chick's back in a rookie ship. Must be macro'ing. Hey, that bestower warped in pretty far away. I wasn't waiting for the pod to leave. I'd probably never catch that shuttle... nevermind. Ok now that's just shooting fish in a barrel.

Hey, is that a Myrmidon?

I couldn't tank the gateguns and a combat vessel, so I high tailed it and took stock of the sixteen minute long killing spree. Well, mission accomplished, and I haven't lost a ship yet. Time to wait out my global criminal countdown and get docked up in Gusandall. My security status was too low to go into high sec anymore, so I only had one exit from the system.

That Myrmidon was still in system. I bet I could take him, I was fitted out to resolve small targets, and his offensive power was going to be in his drones. I scanned him down in an asteroid belt. I watched him for a bit. No wrecks showed up in the belt, he was just waiting to be jumped. Trap.

"Why the hell not?" I thought to myself. I jumped into the belt and there he was.

I started targeting him, he targeted me. I aligned to a planet and as my slow ass ship began to move I saw a Rapier. I targeted him as well and switched my targets around. Then I saw a swarm of drones. Each ship was dropping it's max loadout of tech II's, and my ship's not aligned yet. I'm Webbed and Scrammed. Ok, they can't possibly have enough DPS to take me down, I know my tank. I started trying to hammer the Rapier, who took hardly any damage from my heavy missiles and drones, but his shields started to slowly go down. I was liking my odds until I saw yet another ship warp in. It was a heavy interdictor, and I'm not getting out of this one. I switched targets to the drones.

If I'm going down, I'm taking a shit ton of tech II drones with me.

Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, that Myrm had to be crying. I killed quite alot of Hammerheads. Why weren't they pulling their drones in as they took damage? It took me two volleys to kill 'em, but they seemed so confident that they didn't even notice. Ahh, there we go, the Myrm was pulling his drones in. Aha, someone shot at my drones. I pulled 'em back in as the first one popped. I was about to relaunch them as I noticed my own ship was heavy into armor. It's a shield tank and if it's taking armor damage I'm doing it wrong. Screw 'em, if they want Warrior IIs they'll have to pull 'em from the wreck. I brought up the planets tab and started spamming the warp button.

65,907 damage later: Pop. I dunno if they were expecting quite the fight they got, but damn that was fun. The 5-7 million I cost them in drones, not to mention the tech II ammo they most assuredly had to expend to take me down likely made it a bittersweet victory for them, but a victory nonetheless. A good fight goes out to the folks over at the Mean Coalition.

And thanks for finally giving me something to do.

Now I'm going to get my Rifter out of storage and look for a nice cruiser to kill.

Good day.

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  1. Hee hee! I love a do-or-die attitude like yours! Mine causes me to lose a lot of ships, which sometimes gets annoying, but fighting is fun stuff. Good post.