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Thursday, November 6, 2008

There's No Hiding Place

If you just put your hand in mine,
We're gonna leave all our troubles behind,
Keep on walkin' and don't look back.
The Temptations - Don't Look Back.

The whole point of this public log is to keep track of my progress in low-sec. I've been out here for a bit over a month now. I've learned some things, but there is always more to learn in this cold universe.

I think I've got the hang of this pirating thing. I didn't have any good fights, but I did get a bit of hatemail, which, since I publish my logs through Amarrian channels, I cannot repeat here. I found the mail somewhat interesting however, so I initiated a conversation with the fellow to inquire as to his... well being. The Amarr censors will likely do a number on the voice log, so I apologize in advance.

tao fedong > what
Hallan Turrek > Hi!
Hallan Turrek > I was wondering how you were doing.
Hallan Turrek > I see the clone vats have been good to you.
tao fedong > y the f*** would u do that a**
Hallan Turrek > Do what?
Hallan Turrek > Kill you?
Hallan Turrek > It's my job. I'm a Pirate.
Hallan Turrek > I was just wondering how you're doing now.
tao fedong > u mean douch bag
tao fedong > f*** off a** whole
Hallan Turrek > No no no, Pirate. It has a similar amount of syllables.
Hallan Turrek > I can understand how you might get confused.

He then promptly closed the conversation. It's my first hatemail and I will treasure it.

It's struck me though, that I've come quite far in my time out here. I've learned the solo game pretty well. I've begun to pick up bits and pieces of knowledge on group work as well, but that's still an ongoing process. The Bastards is filled to the brim with active, intelligent folks. I've had alot of fun and made a fair amount of money in my time there so far. As for the ins and outs of group work? I will learn or die. Or learn and die, since I can do both effectively.

Yesterday I was tracked down by that damn Angel Cartel Domination, that's been after me for a while. A low-grade halo implant survived the explosion of his ship. It was a surprise to say the least. I don't know why he thought to come after me flanked only by a couple of Defusers, but having seen what he could've brought, I'm glad he did.

I've also been seriously working on my training. Given the success I've had in frigates, I'm aiming to perfect my skills in flying them before I even think about working on my Cruiser skills. I've got my eye on a Manticore, a Jaguar, a Kitsune, and Cheetah. Once I can fly them and well, I will begin to think about possibly getting into a larger ship. I'm was talking to an engineer in a bar I frequent about the practical applications of thermodynamics with regards to ship modules. I'm beginning to think I can push them beyond spec if I'm willing to deal with some heat. It's all interesting stuff.

I'm also seriously considering buying that bar. The By Jove, of which I'm a frequent patron, is currently up for sale. There are no buyers, but I'm thinking sooner or later I will probably be the one to buy it.

Good day.

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  1. I know we already had the discussion last night but I have to again advise you towards training up a T1 cruiser instead of all those T2 frigs. The only ship I could maybe recommend being worth it before you go for cruisers would be interceptors but even then I don't know. Cruisers will be relatively quick to train for and the bang-for-your-buck ratio is fantastic.