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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obsidian Operation #1

They came with beasts from the blackness. With their and claws and fangs they grabbed them. Everyone but me.
Child - 300

Stage One, Getting Started.

I logged in and heard the call, we had a target. Someone somewhere paid us some money(specific eh?) to do our covert ops thing and harass Cold Steel Alliance. Excellent.

What's that you say? I can't do that? I don't know how to yet? I've never done it before? All I've got is theory?

We found a convenient wormhole from our home system to a place 4 jumps from where we'd need to cyno in. I went through, made my way over, and in a few short minutes I was there. K1Y-5H the sov 4 constellation capital of Cold Steel Alliance.

Stage Two - Blow Shit up

So I took stock of my surroundings, we had our transdictor(a cloaky transport ship loaded with bubbles) blocking the system off. I warped to their station to take a look around, and very shortly after that, they decloaked a few stealth bombers of their own and targeted the transport ship as it dropped a bubble. SnailB, the transdictor pilot manged to kick his microwarp drive on and outrun the points, before warping away. We were thouroughly impressed, but then we saw something promising.

The stealth bombers started shooting at the bubbles, so we decloaked our stealth bomber fleet and an Arazu and popped one. As we did so, they undocked a Thanatos and Maelstrom. Now the rest of their stealth bombers started on the bubbles again. We timed it perfectly again and took another one down under their noses.

For the rest of the night they moved three carriers around with their ships to keep them safe. We cloaked and waited.

A day later, and they closed the constellation, everyone was told to leave and local started to consist of just us. I suppose they thought that would deter us. Some people still tried to play, and we managed to catch some trying to run away.

Finally on the last day of the op, I managed to pop a Covetor alone after he got tangled in a bubble.

All in all? A good few days.

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  1. This operation was a great success. Lots of kills and no losses. For another account you can read my posts - - and