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Monday, January 4, 2010

C&P's Good Deed For the Year.

And the man at the back said everyone attack
And it turned into a ballroom blitz
And the girl in the corner said
Boy, I wanna warn ya,
It'll turn into a ballroom blitz
Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

An old alliance mate of mine decided to do something a bit unintelligent this week. He decided to war-dec Chribba. In an attempt to extort him. Seriously.

This led to quite an interesting thread on C&P where Chribba asked for help. I have never seen a collection of ner-do-wells rally behind someone quite like they did for Chribba.

Epimithius09 is the guy in charge of the corp that decced Chribba. Prometheus09 is his main. He's also a member of I.M.M, which is a member of Systemic Chaos. The shit's already hit the fan for my friend Prom though, as he was told clearly he is no longer welcome in Systemic Chaos, and apparently I.M.M isn't welcome there either. It seems a fair reaction though. If I ran an alliance and someone led this kind of trouble to my doorstep, I'd likely do the same thing.

The actual pos defense was pitifully easy. Our logistics blotted out the sun. When they finally deigned to poke a few of our ships(and honestly, with everyone there, they decided the Noir guys were a good target?) we came back and murdered them. That kinda ended their op. I got on a bit after it'd settled and contributed to the presence we were keeping on his PoSes. I put my Osprey out there, activated the reppers, and then waited patiently for them to try again.

Zedrik Cayne did a post on some of the chatting that went on while we waited. Nothing interesting really, but I did some talking.

So as it stands now, a group called Local Threat has declared war on Chribba as well. They've got about ten times as many members as CPR did(with a 1:7 K:D ratio... heh). Noir is a bit busy doing other stuff. Oh and CPR joined Privateers alliance, giving them a bunch of free war decs. Privateers has announced it's plans to dec Systemic Chaos. Fun times for Prometheus.

Chribba also paid for us all to have medals. Here's what mine looks like:


  1. Surely there are easier targets for extortion than Chribba. Nice medal.

  2. it was more for shits and giggles, and truely was its amazing how up in arms people got over the whole fiasco, i didnt get a chance to go down for the pos attack, but really come on its just stupid...

    Chribba was talking about "not worrying hes not shutting down his sites"

    WTF, its a game, your playing, and just because some guys finally decide to wardec you your acting like thats a reason to even remotely consider quiting whats the fucking point?

    Seriously it makes no sense, i understand he likes his mining, but give us a break, theirs many nice guys that help me out on a daily basis, that mine and get suicide gank'd on a weekly basis.

    Ya chribbas supposedly a nice guy, but come on this is EVE!?!?! since when do people get a free pass?

  3. Chribba gets a free pass, that's who.

  4. Who exactly decided that is my question, i mean thousands of hulks die to suicide pirates, yet pirates ignore chribba? just seems odd to me

  5. It could be because Chribba provides many valuable services to EVE that no one else does. On top of that he does it without asking for help from the community.

    Sure he may ask for donations but most of the money comes from out of his pocket.

    He is probably the only respected person in game who has never soiled his reputation and therefore has a lot of respect from anyone that knows him.

    You clearly don't get that and brought down the wrath of EVE upon you, and rightly so. I have no sympathy for idiots like you trying to extort a celebrity.

    Whatever you get coming you deserve.

  6. what wrath? i didnt even loose a ship, and on top of that even if i did it would have been insured, and i probably wud have profited off its loss...

    Seriously give me a break, you guys really need to get over yourselves, hes a nice guy, he runs evesearch, i get it, he handles player transactions because people trust him, and some other goodies, all things that just about anyone could do.

    Does this mean that the guys that write evemon, shud also be on the Do-Not-Shoot god-list ? How about the guys from evehq, their doing a great service to the eve community, yet they arent the invulnerable shielded group like chribba is.

    When does one become god-like apparently its not developing and maintaining must-have eve apps/websites, because others do that and dont get special treatment.

    I take it if chribba desides to start doing heavy pvp, everyone would just surrender their pods to be podded?

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  8. All I have to say about local threat is this:

    They have no real memebers they are all inactive 14day trial accounts , all the active memebrs left and here is the proof.