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Monday, January 11, 2010

Down With the Legion: Part Two of Two

"Ten Frigates, seven Cruisers, five Battlecruisers and a Battleship," Hallan's mind focused as is Drake came out of warp on the Intaki colony, "Piece of cake,"

"Bogey at five o'clock," One of the frigate pilots piped up.

"Engage," Came a deep voice, "We take no prisoners,"

Hallan sighed in relief as the enemy pilots broke formation and began to pursue him. The station was already venting atmosphere. He thought his targeting system into activity and waited for the locks to resolve.

A stream of scourge heavy missiles flew out from Hallan's Drake and struck a Merlin just behind it's engines. It punched through shields, armor, and structure, and the Merlin exploded. Hallan's drone bay opened and five Hobgoblin twos flew out to attack the frigate squad.

His own weapons systems were now trained on the Gila that had closed distance with him, and his missiles stripped it of it's shields in moment, and they tore through it's armor as well. The Gila was venting plasma already, but the next volley created a cloud of it where the ship had been.

His drones had already finished the squad of Merlin's and began to work hard on the Cruiser squad.

"Fall back," came the voice from earlier, "We have to finish the station,"

The first ship to turn it's guns on the station was the Rokh class battleship leading the assault. Hallan put his Drake on a collision course and reassigned his drones as they finished with yet another Gila.

His missiles slammed the shields of the Rokh, while his drones made firing passes. It's shields were still holding though, and Hallan began to worry. The Battleship was on a collision course as well, with the station. Hallan's Drake was a few thousand meters away now, and closing fast.

Suddenly the side of the station opened up with fire, and a volley struck the Rokh. The Mordu battleship careened away from the fire, and into Hallan's ship. Both ships avoided a disastrous collision as their shield matrix's interlocked.

Hallan activated his microwarp drive.

The Battleship vibrated as it was pushed away from the station. Hallan's own missle launchers continued to fire into the hull of the Rokh. Before it could manage a new lock, a missle flew through it's command center, crippling the ship. Hallan could've swore he saw the body of the Mordu captain fly into space, before being sucked into Hallan's intake.

"To all Mordu ships in the area," Hallan said over the open comm channel, "Leave now, or face death,"

"This isn't the end of this, Turrek," A voice he didn't recognize growled. Hallan prepared to fire again, but the Legion ships warped away unceremoniously.

"Apparently it is," He quipped into the comms before setting a docking path with the Intaki colony.


"Ahh, the hero returns," Amarulyn said with a sweeping gesture as Hallan entered his office.

"Shut up," Hallan said, reaching across his desk and grabbing Amarulyn by the collar, "I didn't have time before, but I do now," He dragged the man across his desk, "If you ever do something like that again, the Legion and the Caldari will be the least of your troubles,"

"It worked didn't it?" The Gallente man said, struggling to break free, "A least two or three uprisings inside Caldari space, the Legion's been recalled from this sector. We won. Freedom and democracy lives to fight another day,"

Hallan threw the agent back into his seat and snarled "You're just as bad as they are,"

"I guess so," Amarulyn straightened his jacket as he looked back up, "But do you think anyone cares about that? When this is over, if they win... do you think the universe will be better off? Slavers and Corporations? That'd be even funnier if I didn't know you were serious,"

"That doesn't make it right to risk that many lives,"

"Probably not, but I won't have any trouble sleeping tonight,"

"Why not?"

"Because we won,"

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