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Sunday, March 21, 2010

And/Or Ka-Kow

Gotta leave town
Got another appointment
Spent all my rent
Girl you know I enjoyed it

Ain't gonna hang around till there's nobody dancing
I don't wanna hold hands and talk about our little plans, alright!

Cold hard bitch
Just a kiss on the lips
And I was on my knees
I'm waiting, give me
Cold hard bitch
She was shakin' her hips
That's all that I needed.
Jet - Cold Hard Bitch

"Check Check! Raven in a belt," Jimer said, interrupting our conversation on the morality of slavery in the Amarr empire.

"Get us a warp in!" Someone said quickly.

"I'm on it!" He said, and then after a short pause, "Warp to Jimer now. Warp to Jimer now. I'm decloaking and pointing it,"

My ship entered warp almost immediately as did the rest of the gang, still cloaked.

"He's pointed" Came the message a few moments later from Jimer's Arazu.

The Bombers landed immediately and began to pour down the DPS. The alpha damage broke his tank in moments and he wasn't long for this world.

After Nidia dropped his bubble the pod exploded in a shower of goo.

"Cloak up now!" The order from Alek was short and to the point, we followed it.

Local had climbed as we hit the Raven, it was almost certainly bait, again. These guys had a habit of offering us bait and failing to deliver on the switch before we managed to blow it up. Just as we cleared the field, loot in tow, the backup landed. Battlecruisers, Hacs, Hics, 'Dictors, 'Ceptors and a Dramiel for good measure. They'd all landed on the outside of the bubble, and were to far away from where our gang was to decloak anyone. Stirring the hornets nest was always a fun game.

So we waited in our safes, listened to the inevitable smack talk and waited for them to disperse. As is inevitably the case, they did so. We began to move around freely again and searched for targets.

Thirty minutes later, the opportunity came. Our bubbles managed to catch a Sabre as it was pulled behind the outpost, and we all warped in to kill it. It got dispatched in short order and we sat by our bubble as the loot was collected, and intel came in from outside the system. No jumps, no gangs. This was just an unlucky soul.

A few minutes later a Drake undocked, and we turned our eyes to it. Local hadn't gone up, but they'd had a lot of people in local to start with, all docked. He began to lob missiles at our bubble, so Jimer decloaked in his Arazu again. He put a point on the drake, and it began to fire at him. Since it had been kind enough to agress, we decloaked everything and began to burn him down.

That was when it got interesting. Our DPS had him to about half shields when the blob undocked. BC's, Battleships, cruisers and an Incursus for tackle. A motely crew, but more than enough to ruin someone's day. I was already getting ready to bail out when the Chimera undocked and launched fighters. Time to go, I thought.

"We'll kill the Drake before we leave," Alek said to an incredulous comm channel, "Overheat if you can,"

No one questioned him, and as the Drake's final shields evaporated there wasn't time to blink as his ship exploded, "Cloak up and get off the station, NOW," Alek said.

I honestly hadn't imagined they'd try again, but less than twenty minutes later we got a call from Jimer again. "I've probed out a Drake, he's not moving and I'm sitting about thirty off him. It's gotta be bait, he's only a few million kilometers off the station,"

"We can take it, anyhow. But we should put all our bombers on the grid before we decloak to point it," I said before pausing for more orders.

"Yeah," Aleks added, "I was about to say the same thing, If you can warp cloaked, warp to Jimer at a range. Jimer, if you see any of us decloaked, decloak and point him,"

"Roger that,"

Through some miracle all six stealth bombers landed without decloaking anyone, and Jimer decloaked first, pointing the Drake. The rest of us decloaked as the D-Scanner filled with hostiles.

It was far to late for him, and two volleys later he was toast. The gang on the station just sat there, dumbfounded, and eventually redocked.

"Boosh!" Someone said as we cloaked and warped off. Another bait ship down, and this was becoming a pattern.

It was a good day.


  1. lol let me guess nids said KA KOW

  2. Damn, that was a good day. At least you were on the fun side of that exchange, I've been on the other side and it isn't fun.