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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Noir. Recruitment

Ever think about joining a professional mercenary corporation? We're hiring good pilots who're ready to play at the next level.

We're looking for players who meet the following requirements:

-Extensive PVP experience backed up by strong KB stats
-Specialize in a T2 ship and/or T2 Tanked+Gunned BS
-Passion for small gang PVP
-Relentlessly aggressive attitude
-Self sufficiency
-Mature personality, thick skin, and professional demeanor
-Sec status above -2.0

Do you have what it takes? Apply today!


  1. Don't tell Aleks I said so, but it does sound appealing to log in, go where I'm told, shoot at targets, and not worry about all this corp and alliance stuff!

    Best luck with the recruiting, I'm sure with Noir.'s rep, you'll get a great response.