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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why Paxton Had To Go

No I would not give you false hope
on this strange and mournful day
but the mother and child reunion
is only a motion away.
Paul Simon - Mother and Child Reunion

I don't know exactly what was going through Paxton's head when they decided to attack their neighbors in Providence. They weren't bound to our mutual defense pact, but they were informed of it's existence. I'm not sure what "do not participate in sov warfare in Providence" means to you, but participating in the dropping of a TCU in a Provi system(regardless of how easy your neighbor made it) is pretty obviously sov warfare.

This was also a few days after AAA gave them back D-G on nothing but good faith.

Paxton are good guys, solid PvPers, and I was sincerely looking forward to having even more targets to shoot in Providence when we went on R&R. We'll be fine though.

So the Mutual Defense Pact gets activated, we start setting blues up that've been dropped, and the work begins. Really Noir.'s contracts pre-empted our participation in the early invasion, but that may not've been a terrible thing, since it failed. The second wave was done a bit better and produced much better results, save a drive by Pandemic Legion capital smack down. It happens.

So what's the situation now? Apparently Paxton's pulling out completely. They're not happy with CVA either(but who is, these days?) Paxton has lost four of it's nine systems, and only controls 2 more stations.

Their blind loyalty to CVA led them to this point, and it's a shame.


  1. "but participating in the dropping of SBU's in a Provi system"

    Technically, we went to shoot at a POS when Chaos Theory dropped sov. No SBUs were involved. CVA came in and put up a TCU and we helped our allies (for whatever reasons good or bad).

    Besides, U'K admits they were going to attack Paxton systems and used that event to push up their schedule. They wanted Paxton gone regardless of AAA's opinions.

    To point at us and say "you should have known better" is very easy from the winning side.

  2. To Kirith's point, it was obvious from the quick response that U'K had been planning an attack for at least several days prior to the AY-24 incident. They simply used that as a convenient excuse to attack.

    Pointless now, but worth bringing up.

  3. Kirith: I don't know who sold you on the idea that UK "had it planned for some time" but it's just not true.

    I have enough knowledge of inner workings to say definitively, we did plan for the occasion.

    Who wouldn't? You were reinforcing PoSes with CVA, and shooting station services with CVA...

    However, until the TCU went down, no one was going to attack you.

    No convenient excuses, no conspiracy.

    Just a response.

  4. It really surprises me how much effort you guys are putting into claiming PXF were launching some sort of aggressive war on the whole of Providence.

    There was a continuation of station service shooting that had been going on for weeks. Chaos Theory screw up and drop sov making some stuff vulnerable to be shot so it gets shot.

    As for intel on a planned U'K attack on PXF we could go on Butter Dogs posts saying they were going to take QBL in a few weeks but moved up the timetable because AY-24 could be used for PR purposes. That could all be nonsense or it could match up with other information we had from sources that are usually a little more reliable.

    The point is an excuse would have been found or manufactured to justify the attack. If you keep at it long enough some people may even believe it.

  5. Both CVA and U'K had an interest in seeing PXF lose their systems in Providence. See: