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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Learning Skills

With the upcoming removal of learning skills, I'm curious: What are the rest of EvE going to spend the extra points on?

I've got plans to get anchoring five, then put whatever is left in starbase defense management.

What about the rest of you?


  1. Boring Intelligence/memory/charisma skills unfortunately.
    All the stuff that seems to painful to spend time training otherwise.

  2. Missile skills... probably. Maybe stuff to get me into a BS.

  3. Some level 5 weapon and missile skills to finally get to use T2 ammo. Got almost 5 million SP to spend :)

  4. Top off Thermo V (30% remaining) and then to Cha attribute skillz like Leadership V. I recently remapped for Int/Mem/Perc and may as well take advantage of the free points using them in an area I really don't want to remap for a year in.

  5. hull upgrades 5, all armor comps to 4, repair systems 5 - i started caldari and now have trained amarr :)

  6. I'm going to beef up my gunnery skills and train the pulse and beam laser specialization skills.

  7. It'a a toss-up for me... Recon V, HAC V, or BS V.

    Will have to wait and see how the mood hits me.

  8. Its going into Evasive Maneuvers V. Crusader here I come!