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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CCP, You So Crazy!

Great news, everyone! You'll be delivering a package to Chapek 9, a world where humans are killed on sight.
Professor Farnsworth - Futurama

So uh. Yeah. Lets quote CCP's latest thingymahbob.

CCP Atlas has some great news for 3rd party developers in his latest dev blog. Read all about the new business license and monetizing 3rd party apps here.
I do not like where this is going.

So if you follow the link, you'll find a dev blog update. This dev blog update is uh... not great news. It's not great news for me, not for you, and not for anyone else except a few application developers. So I have a fansite agreement with CCP for my blog. As it stands right now, I can post anything I damn well please. If people donate isk to me, that's great. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. On top of that, I run my own podcast. My Co-Host actually put quite a lot of work, time, and some money into getting that running as well.

Now I've taken care that through all of my interactions with advertisers, I've not taken a single cent of actual money. If people want to support it through isk, I provide advertising for them to do so.

None of that matters. Despite some backpedaling today that seems to say "Oh well this is a rough draft and nothing is set in stone yet", the draft we've been presented indicates that my podcast site will need to pay 99 dollars a year to keep running.

Essentially, I have to pay CCP to do free work for CCP. Now, I'm not as worried about myself. What I do worry about, and what you should worry about, is everyone else.

Here's a quick list of stuff I can think of, off the top of my head, that will need to pay CCP 100 bucks a year to keep operating.

Eve Fitting Tool

That's a short list. I have a whole bookmarks folder devoted to Eve websites. Oh, and CCP's definition is so vague that it's possible that transactions that take place entirely inside eve will also fall under this type of license. Yes, mercenary corps will have to pay CCP 99 dollars to provide their services to others ingame. I'm sure that's not what CCP had in mind, but it's what they said.

CCP won an award a while back for best community. Part of the reason for this is the easy availability of material, and the low barrier of entry. Got a website and and idea? You can contribute to the community.

In the guise of finally allowing third party apps to make a profit, CCP is trying to monetize the greatest resource they have, and one of the only reasons to keep playing their game: the community. They're not even going to make that much money off it either.

They're killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, and no matter how much they go digging... honestly it's not pretty in there.


  1. Me confused! When I read that DevBlog, I read that if you charged RL money or ISK for your efforts (i.e. a commercial site), you needed to pay for a licence. If you received nothing and asked for nothing but love, you could get a free licence. Those 6 sites you listed do not charge anything for their services, so won't they be on the free licences instead?

    I had considered mercenary companies would be getting screwed, but the recent additions to the DevBlog indicate that the licence need for ISK-paid-for-services will be looked at more carefully.

  2. Battleclinic runs ads to help with server costs. EN24 runs ads for ISK to help pay contributors. Dotlan asks for donations.EveMon, EFT, and EveHQ creators can receive unsolicited donations in isk and cash for their work. Once they do, they need a commercial license.

  3. No, I object. If you receive donations, not ask for them, you may keep the donations and legally claim your service/app being non-commercial. There is a solid definition of what "commercial interest" is that you need to p e r s u e in order for your product/service to be commercial. You must persue a commercial interest.

    Battleclinic have a business behind it; they are commercial. EveMon, EFT have not.

  4. You can object all you want, but with CCP's original vague definition, you're wrong. Thankfully they've decided to review that terrible post.

  5. I know this is a bit late but I still want to say this, it sounds like CCP is doing what Games-workshop dose, which was kill off allot of its fan baised free advertising, like a free fan made movie that was forbiden from beign cerculated on the web, and killing off some of the web comics baised off their games, its a terible decision that makes them just lose players