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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The One Where I Start Something.

So I started a little conflict a few days into my 0.0 career.

EVE System > Channel changed to GQ-XQ Local Channel
Psychotic Turtle > lol, that aeonyx guy is a fucking loser. I have fought his alliance for a year, they are the most pathetic alliance in game with worst pvp'ers. You guys are 100 times better pvp'ers than his pathetic alliance.Coms out.
Hallan Turrek > Why hello! You seem like a nice guy, will you be my friend?
Psychotic Turtle > i was reffering to stain empire, you guys are a whoile different story on your own i will not go in to right now as to not crush your spirits, i suggest you guys keep playing and keep learning.
Hallan Turrek > Oh thank you so much, I am so new to this after all. I appreciate you holding back for me.
Hallan Turrek > I'll be honest, I could never raise hand in anger.
Psychotic Turtle > learn to.COms out.
Hallan Turrek > Oooh, that coms out thing is so cool.
Hallan Turrek > I wish I'd been able to think up something so incredibly original like that.
Hallan Turrek > /emote sighs
Hallan Turrek > I'm just stuck with the same old thing I guess.
Psychotic Turtle > stop talking or i will come back and live in your home systems for another week
Hallan Turrek > You see, that right there? That's a promise you can keep.
Hallan Turrek > All this talk of being bad, that's total BS, you can keep saying it, but saying you'll live somewhere, that's something you can actually do.
Hallan Turrek > So go on, live. If you can.
Hallan Turrek > I get the feeling you'll get bored after a while, but by all means, have fun.
Hallan Turrek > Cat got your tongue? Too bad. "Coms out,"
Hallan Turrek > No it seems pretty stupid when I say it too. Heh.

Turns out these guys have a history of camping systems and dropping covert cynos for a fleet of black ops battleships. Sounds like fun to me, but not so much for everyone else. The alliance was, unhappy to say the least.

It's all simmered down for now, but I still think the whole thing is pretty funny.


  1. Never have like alliance politics... too serious for me. But to each his own.

    gj though.

  2. If we ever needed proof that Internet Spaceships is serious business...this is it.

  3. LOL, he never followed his own command of "COMS OUT" after he said it.

    What a loser.