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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You're Possibly an Idiot

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe.
Albert Einstein

Ok, maybe not you specifically. There are, however, a bunch of really stupid people in eve. Given that, there are a number of fallacies that should be pointed out to new players(and a few old ones).

1: "I didn't lose anything because that ship was insured,"

Insurance does not absolve you of your loss. It softens the blow, but unless you got really lucky when buying it, you lost out on the cost of the insurance itself and the mods onboard. Stop saying stuff like "I didn't lose anything because it was insured," you're wrong almost every time. The higher the cost of the ship, the more you're losing in the initial insuring.

2: "I mine in lowsec because it's more profitable than highsec,"

Mining is lowsec is less profitable than mining in highsec. I'm not even counting the fact that you're going to lose your ship if you do it. It is less profitable even if you lose no ships. Seriously, outside of 0.0 mining, there is nothing more profitable in empire than veldspar.

3: "I rat in lowsec because it's more profitable than highsec," Or "I rat in lowsec because it's safer than nullsec,"

Ratting in lowsec is actually more profitable than doing it in highsec. It's also a lot more dangerous. That danger translates into lost profits unless you have a number of alt accounts and plan to pay attention constantly. This is not an activity that new players should ever partake in. The safest and most profitable(combined anyhow) moneymaking method in eve is running missions in highsec.

But ratting in lowsec is actually MORE dangerous than a small isolated part of nullsec. You can go days without seeing a enemy in some parts of nullsec, while other parts have hundreds of pilots online all day. You have to be smart here too, but if you are it's safer and more profitable than ratting lowsec.

I'm just sayin's all. Expect more of these as I think of them, I don't need this to turn into a postnaught.


  1. Timely perspective as I was just thinking about having one of my alt's acquire a cheap, insured cruiser and trying my hand at some low-sec ratting, specifically in some isolated low-sec pockets. I had decided not to go to null-sec with a more capable (read "expensive") ship due to the logistics of getting out there and back with any loot.

  2. Yep, I'm probably an idiot but... ratting in lowsec is more profitable overall especially regarding the fun.

    You get better bounties, better salvage, much, much more adrenaline and better gaming experience in any regard then doing missions.

    That said: you will lose ships, quite a few of them at the beginning. But eventualy you''l get the mechanics and start making more then you lose.

    While doing missions is plain boring chore you have to do to make money, ratting in the low sec is actually playing the game while earning the money.

    It's a win-win situation.

  3. You are right that there is virtually no good reason to mine in lowsec. However, just FYI, based on current market conditions Scordite is actually significantly more profitable than Veldspar. The price of Pyerite has seen some big gains since Dominion.

  4. Would you say high-sec mission running is more profitable than WH site-running? I've had good luck with WH's, but have done almost no missioning, so I'm curious....

  5. Definitely agree with the danger of ratting in low-sec as compared to null-sec (which I try to point out to people when I kill them in low-sec, but they never believe me).

    I disagree with your insurance argument though (maybe I'm an idiot). If you're T1 fit, and can find cheap hulls, it is very possible to fly something like a nano-fit myrmidon for almost zero loss after insurance.

    Nice post though!

  6. Please add the following and you'll be well ontrack to Eve Online Myth Busters:

    a) The minerals I mine are free: No they are not, they are worth what you could sell them for, then again selling those beautiful cruisers and frigates you're building at below production cost is a great way for me to acquire cheap minerals.

    b) The datacores I get from R&D agents are free: Technically yes BUT see point a) above, they are worth what you can sell them for, so those T2 bpc's items you're inventing do cost you something other than POS fuel, factor that into your final product price.