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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CCP, CSM, Details, and Openness

Ankhesentapemkah has been removed from the CSM. One may begin to wonder why, and yet, the details are pretty fuzzy.

I've no personal affection for the carebear bitch, but if people from CCP think they can just make this go away, they are incorrect. Removing people who disagree with you is a delicate business. You need to have real concrete reasons, and you need to be able to justify it to the people. It is NOT a personal issue when an elected official is removed because they're a representative of the people.

I don't want to jump to conclusions, but everything I've seen about CCP following the Iceland summit seems to indicate a bunch of pissed of people. I see mysterious ghost commenters leaving well thought out, well written, but very biased comments on blogs about the summit and never appearing again. I see in the blog posts that CCP was openly hostile to being held accountable to the playerbase. Or in the CSM exercising any power, whatsoever.

It's not to far of a leap to imagine someone in CCP has done some serious investigations to ensure that those who disagree with them will be removed. If the carebear bitch is the first one to go, others may follow.

Here's hoping CCP gets their heads out of their asses and actually disclose something worth knowing about this, so we can all stop being paranoid.


  1. I've seen it said from reliable sources that her removal was not due to her blog posts or in fact CSM5 at all. While CCP may be "pissed" (i'd bet more likely annoyed) I doubt they would make something up about breaking NDA to toss one representative and make her a martyr.

    There are much easier ways to make the CSM issue go away from a corporate and public relations point of view.

  2. The glare off your tin foil hat is blinding.

  3. It's clear from the CCP post that they removed her for violating the NDA. This is acceptable and understandable to me as a player.

    Your post just seems to add flames to fire that detracts from the real issues that the still active counsel members are dealing with.

    Mynxee has been very good at providing a critical and well thought out analysis of some of those real issues. I'd be interested in seeing you do the same.