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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Faces of New Eden

Good painting is the kind that looks like sculpture.

I've been playing around a good bit with the character creator, and I've actually finished a couple of portraits.
First is Hallan

He looked a whole lot older on my first try, but I think I got it this time. Regardless, anything is a marked improvement on the OLD picture. I even incorporated a bit of Shae Tiann's original image at the top of this blog into the picture, which I was glad I could do.

Speaking of Shae...

I suppose the girls are doing better jobs with these because they don't spend forever laughingly making the boobs as big as they can make them. Some of the efforts I've seen out of guys(trying to make girl portraits) are pretty cartoonish.

The chicks though...

The only thing missing from Mynxee's portrait is the mischievous spark. It's very simple and not overdone, which is rare in portraits I've seen so far.

Here's a look at Venom Orchid.

Now that's a strong female presence, which I kinda like. I had an alt to make, and I spent some time with it, but nothing too fancy. I still wasn't too sure what to do, and had to deal with the incredible stress the portrait creator puts on my system.

But here's Jenny Heet.

It's fun, but not something I want to spend all day on, so I just spent a minute or two randomizing things until I got a look I wanted.

By the way, I believe Chribba may've been a little to eager to get back to mining...

Not sure what to make of that one. Jeez.


  1. Hi Hallan! I kinda wish I'd used more intense lighting but oh well! I always feel like I'm half in the dark anyway, so it's appropriate as is.

  2. I'm not much of an Eve personality (yet) but wanted to bring your attention to my pic for Castaspella.



  3. I've had trouble with some avatars having that spark of life look, they just look dead or "off". Thankfully only one of my six I'm now unhappy with.