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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Can Change the Nature of a Man?

We do not fault the wolf for killing the sheep.
He is a wolf, and that is what wolves do.
The shepherd can stand back and say,
"Hey, Wolf! Go fight a lion, or a bear,
Leave these defenseless sheep alone!"
But it is the shepherd's job to defend the sheep.
If the wolf kills one, it is the shepherd's fault.
Old Brutor Proverb

First of all, I'm not sure if it's up yet, but I guested on the Lost in Eve Podcast. When it goes up, this link should take you there.

So, here we are again. Patch day. And with it, a discussion question: What was the most fun encounter/moment/roam you've ever had in EvE, and why? Leave a comment below.

My Answer:

I remember when I was back in Noir., and a couple of lucky rapiers had killed an Initiative Crane carrying 2 billion isk in loot. Stuff we getting moved out through wormholes when a Nighthawk was called. We were already on our catch bubble, just salivating in anticipation. We had 3 stealth bombers, 2 Rapiers, and a Falcon. This is as close to a perfect small camping set up as I can imagine. This guy was boned.

Or so we thought. Guy lands in the bubble, Rapiers get a tackle. Both Rapiers web him up, Falcon gets reliable jams, and we start pounding away. Only... he doesn't die. His shields barely even move. I'm doing the most damage to him and he's still taking like 30% of my full damage. WTF?

I remember saying clearly on Comms, "Don't worry guys, the Falcon will keep him jammed, he won't be able to kill anybody, it's just a matter of time before he dies,"

Then the Rapiers were complaining that somehow their drones were taking damage, and we immediately thought smartbombs, so they got pulled back in. Then... the Rapiers started to get hit, not hard, but often. Logs showed that FoF missiles were in use. And since the Nighthawk stubbornly wasn't going ANYWHERE, this started to be an issue. When one of our Rapiers was forced to warp out, I knew we were facing a problem.

If we put the drones out, we'd lose their DPS, because eventually they'd die... but if we didn't, the rapiers couldn't stay on the field. So we kept the drones out and tried to kill him.

Very, very slowly his shields were whittled away. We shot him while at his peak recharge for what seemed forever, and I overloaded my torps as long as I could. It was just enough to break it, and finally after 10 minutes the Nighthawk was on the wrong side of 33%. After that, we spent another 5 minutes burning down the rest of his shields, the whole time he was spamming FoF missiles at us.

Now I don't know this guy from Adam, and a quick look at his Battleclinic stats would indicate he's not the best pilot in the game by far(him getting caught in the first place was probably proof enough of that). But for one brief shining moment, he had all of my respect.

Simply because the end result was in question for so long, that's the most fun I've had ingame period.


  1. Was expecting a Torment post. :(

  2. Since you asked - confession time! . Not only was it a fun fight, it was also the first true PvP encounter for me outside an Agony class, and to my own surprise I went in without a second thought. Winning was just the icing on the cake then.

    Yeah, I'm a carebear at heart, and I don't think I'll ever be good enough at PvP to make it an affordable habit - but this incident (and WH life in general) really spoiled me, making hisec feel even smaller than it already did.

  3. You guys have fun in this game? I thought it was a job.