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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

News Update

If you're reading this, it's an article that I've posted on Eve News 24, which is back up for now.

I want to say, first and foremost, this is not some sort of “We’re back and this time for good” kind of thing. The news is back on. Let stick with that for now.

Been a fun last month and a half for all you news addicts out there. For those of you in the know, a few major news happenings have gone unreported, and I’d like to catch you up.

Drone Alliance Stopped at Tribute’s Door

Lets talk about the Drone Alliance Invasion first. Anyone who has the ability to load up dotlan(or the ingame map for that matter) has realized that the regions of Geminate and Vale of the Silent have fell to the Drone Alliance forces. R.A.G.E is down to about a thousand people, from a high of four thousand only a month ago. The alliance is dying quite quickly, but the only question left is if they’ll go all the way to disbanding. I think not, but it’s too early to tell.

Majesta is, as of this article still holding strong(they’ve only lost a third of their players so far), and I get the feeling they’ll be deploying elsewhere as an additional feint sometime soon. Basing out of Curse, they could do some real damage to the Drone Russian Federation heartland, and while the Charlie Foxtrot is hitting Cobalt Edge periodically, it could cause the Drone Alliance to start prioritizing defenses. This also assumes Against All Authorities is going to stop in Detorid, and if they face absolutely no resistance there, they have no reason to stop.

As for the Tribute battles, the stalemate has commenced. While the Drone Alliance has had some serious successes in the individual battles, they’ve lost or refused to engage during the important ones. No stations have been successfully won by the Drone Alliance. This is in large part due to the interference of the CF coalition from the west. Now that they’ve stalled their forward momentum, the DA is turning inward and consolidating their new acquisitions.

RaidenDOT, Red Alliance, and Solar seem to’ve split up Geminate already. The systems have settled down. Pandemic Legion doesn’t appear to be gaining any permanent space in this conflict. Any systems they’ve taken have been given over to the other players. Looks like they’re only in it for the money and the killmails, as only PL would be. Even NCDOT looks to be gaining some space in Vale of the Silent, which looks to be split mostly between White Noise and RaidenDOT.

The Effects of the War In the North

Now these movements all mean a number of other things in regard to the actors involved. NCDOT has mostly abandoned Providence, which sees a resurgent CVA taking space once more. White Noise has abandoned it’s Tenerifis holdings and is putting up at best a token defense of it’s core Detorid space. They’ve gone all in on Vale, and if the tide turns, they’ll be without space quite quickly. Taking it back will require all their force, since they’d be facing a combined AAA/Stainwagon force, which they could conceivably beat back, but not very quickly.

As White Noise loses it’s space in the south, the allies of AAA find themselves gaining more than just a foothold, with whole constellations being doled out. Formerly minor powers are quickly establishing themselves as mid-majors in the bid to be noticed when more space gets handed out. There’s movement, but without the resistance of WN or the greater DRF, it’s mostly peaceful.

The NCDOT/Evoke feint in Pure Blind, has been successfully beaten. At no point was it more than a distraction, but if you lived in Vale or Geminate under the NC, it was a successful one. NCDOT has been participating fully in the DRF invasion lately.

RED.OverLord has an Executor Corp Now!

RED.OverLord has finally set a new executor corp as well, after the previous one was completely banned from the game in the wake of the Big Bas scandal. This is pretty good news for anyone who’s been wanting standings set during the Tenerifis and Detorid war.

Everything Else

So that’s where we stand now, if you live in Delve and Querious, I apologize, but the only accurate descriptor for your conflicts are “shitty little wars”. When that heats up, or some of the more major players get involved, fine. But for now, we’ll let that go.

So now you’re up to date, and you’ll have some context for the next news story to come across your desk in the next few days. If you’ve got a tidbit of information(Battle Reports, Other kinds of news) you want to share, message me ingame at Hallan Turrek, and I’ll run with it.

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  1. Drone Alliance is stopped at Tribute's door because Drone Alliance wanted to stop at Tribute's door. They are smartly mopping up Gem and Vale before forming up to bite off more. PL seems impatient with waiting and have setup staging systems and started successful operations in Tribute. I suspect when the full DRF fleets hit the first station systems in Tribute, everyone will realize NC is unable to stop anything. The loss of Tenerifis and Detroid will prove that DRF intends to take the entire north Gem, Vale, Trib, Branch in exchange for the poor drone space. We will have to call them TMF (Tech Moon Forces/Fleet/Federation) soon.