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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Non-Interview

So sometimes people contact me for interviews without any preparation. I've decided to troll anyone that does that to me again.

Hallan Turrek > Howdy.
Z0D > morning HAllan
Z0D > Eva told me i should talk to you
Hallan Turrek > About?
Hallan Turrek > Aha. I am indeed the person to talk to about interviews on that.
Z0D > its a first for me on that part :))
Hallan Turrek laughs
Hallan Turrek > I'll need a link to your platform.
Z0D > been more in the back of Take Care as an advisor
Z0D > a link to my platform?
Hallan Turrek nods
Hallan Turrek > What you're for, what you're against. What you plan to do.
Hallan Turrek > I don't do interviews unless you have a well defined platform posted somewhere.
Z0D > like what i stand for etc, the different points etc?
Hallan Turrek > Yes. That.
Z0D > k, will need to work on that and put it through the take care web site as well as prepare a campain thread for the Jita speak corner
Hallan Turrek > Well, lets cover some basics.
Z0D > kk
Hallan Turrek > Are reinforced bulkheads overpowered?
Hallan Turrek > If so, how would you fix them?
Z0D > well everything has been so tweaked compared to a few years via stacking and some more severely than others, but defitively it has removed the abiliuty as in the past to move ships at insane speeds to put more people whatever the ships are to a more
Z0D > similar speeds, i find and that smy opinion that like overdrive mods that a lot of those affect the stats in ways that i think don't totally rely to their initial module goal
Z0D > deftivrely by adding structure maximum velocity is reduced, but 11% in that sense should be different and more take longer to acheive the same maximum velocity rather than simply reduce the max speed
Z0D > on T2 mod for example
Hallan Turrek > I've heard alot of talk lately about the Bantam being boosted, are you in support of those changes?
Z0D > the real base stats of some of those basic ships could receivce a liltle help help new players starting a biut more when they are in their initial starting phase and in trials etc
Z0D > help help --> love...
Hallan Turrek > What do you plan to do in Iceland?
Z0D > well, that would be to help push ideas and players issues so they can actually become realities in the future, lots of things in the game are either not enough or too much or in other case simply don't make any senses
Hallan Turrek nods
Z0D > and an example on that the very CVA incident that just happened....
Z0D > how do we go as a CEO or Director go about taking 24 hours to expell a member from corp... but can instantly kick all corps out of alliance and close alliance with a single click with no votes of any kind.....
Hallan Turrek > Someone told me that they were going to give us more snowballs this Christmas, that's pretty cool right?
Z0D > hehe alwayts cool to do some cold damage :))
Z0D > i was at the last Fanfest (my first) was some great fun and met some people i did not know in game and made some new ones, was surprised at how cold it was for even just early October
Hallan Turrek nods
Z0D > Defitively want to go back through :))
Hallan Turrek > You get laid out there?
Z0D > with the beer lol! lots of it , first 3 days slept maybe 8 hours...
Z0D > was there 6 days, 3 days fanfest and 3 extra days to visit some of Iceland, felt for me when arriving like arriving on another planet literally
Hallan Turrek > Do you support the addition of beer to eve?
Z0D > well in station.. would be interesting to be able to fly around and run and do stuff while under the influence and get attributes modidied in a drunken way by it.....
Z0D > and also as items... with spiced wine and the likes, item wise...
Hallan Turrek > Are you the guy that brought down CVA?
Z0D > nope lol!
Hallan Turrek > Liar!
Hallan Turrek > How'd you do it?
Z0D > in a legal way, in long con, i would have been a good corp member, helping everyone and work the ladder until i get the right roles then with access plan asset transfer to maximise the possible gains to the max... then if in excecutor corp, kick every
Z0D > corp out then close the alliance as now, as well as kick as many players with no roles of any kind to cause the maximum damage possible
Hallan Turrek > I knew it was you!
Hallan Turrek > Why'd you do it?
Z0D > hehe i did not do it and out of many alliances out there, its the most unlikely deserving to have some like that especially in such a way done to yourself in such an easy way, its wrong the way it is now, and as a CEO myself and also head of my alliance
Z0D > i know the feeling of how easy it is to do, its way to easy to create such damage as a single person without any forced and mandatory voting system to stop it from happening
Hallan Turrek > Alright I'm gonna come clean with ya. This was a joke interview. If you'd like a real one, follow my instructions at the start of this conversation. Get a platform and contact me then. Thanks for the interest.
Z0D > np

To his credit, he took well.


  1. Oh my, this guy's a true politician. This is exactly how our politicians talk, and nobody understands them.

    Tough morning reading indeed...

  2. Looks like you had fun. I can't do the same thing, such talk makes my eyes bleed.


  3. LOL ♥ Hallan. *bows down to the trollmaster*