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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stealth Bombers

Todays post isn't here. It's over on CrazyKinux's blog. Take a look.


  1. The bomber is one of my favorite ships. Currently my char is fixed on Amarr ships. Dedicated to everything amarr until maxed, then branching out. I like that you gave each faction a chance and covered them equally instead of the usual "caldari rules, everyone else sucks" attitude that is sometimes seen in other ship type reviews.

    Very much liked the article on my fav. Ship! I've lost many, MANY ships in loww/nullsec, but never a bomber.

  2. Thank you so much for your info. This came out right after I had decided to go stealth bomber. Very helpful, and I added some of the other missile skills. I already have my learning skills to 4 and I still have 108 days till I'm done.

    But inever would have thought of dampners or painters! But then again I am still a noob. Hehe.

  3. how do you get the expanded probe launcher to show offlined instead of just not active