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Friday, April 9, 2010

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Here may you see the tyrant.
Macduff - Macbeth

CrazyKinux is running a contest, and I just had to get involved. From his blog:

Tyrannis will see some new industrial and planetary interaction opportunities like we've never seen before in New Eden. It's a step in linking EVE Online and DUST514 as well. So I need you to write what you believe are the short and/or long term consequences of this development, in terms of the new industrial capacity it presents to players, in terms of the opportunities for pirates, for industrialists, for sovereignty, etc. Surprise us!

So, industrial consequences of the Tyrannis changes. Lets see.

Planetary Interaction

I accidentally the whole planet

First and foremost are the planetary interaction changes. Those are in the front of most people's minds, and they should be. There are many methods of making money in Eve, however the only true way to extract money from nothing is to run missions or rat. The mission rewards and bounties inject ISK into the system consistently. How can planetary interaction change this?

Well for starters, if those long-limbed roes you harvested can be bought by the stations themselves, they'll provide a new influx of isk for those with a bit to much food on their hands. A new form of "isk from nothing" will have a direct impact on the value of the isk you hold in your account. But then again, "isk from nothing" isn't the only impact of planetary interaction.

You see, some of the costs of tech two building can be brought down if the specialty pieces you need can be manufactured planetside. The supply of tech 2 ships will go up... but so will the demand. Add to this the new insurance rate changes, possibly insuring a tech 2 ship up to 60%, and suddenly the investment seems a lot more feasible to Mr. 8 Million Skill Points.

Assuming he remembers to insure it anyhow.

That's not even mentioning things like Nanite Repair Paste, which can only be bought from stations. Given the knowledge of how to build it on SiSi, and the ease in which it can be done, expect prices on that to plummet. Similarly, anything widely used will be over produced until a price stabilizes and people will need to find new things to produce.


I don't defraud the insurance industry, the fires defraud the insurance industry.

Remember those insurance changes? Right now a ship costs about 70% of what it costs to build, and the best insurance costs about 30% of the total. So you blow it up and get 100% of your investment back(give or take). The price never falls far below 70%, because the moment it does, someone is self destructing Apocalypses outside Amarr center station. What that means is that there is no real volatility. The price is stuck around 70%, with no real profits to be had.

However, in swoop the insurance changes. Now insurance payouts are dynamic. They penalize self destructive actions instead of rewarding them. Don't let anyone tell you a suicide gank isn't extremely profitable, with or without insurance. People just don't do it unless they know it's worth their time. If CCP makes it less appealing to die to Concord, there will be less suicides, but the really worthwhile ganks will still happen under the cop's noses. Changing insurance makes good sense, even if it's a stealth nerf on the gankers.

The added benefit is that it may be worth holding onto that Raven for a bit to see if it's going to go up in price or not. Real market changes will make this sandbox a bit bigger for all of us.

Mining and Loot from Missions

WTF is this shit?

So the last true bit to have real industrial consequences for our economy will be the changes to loot gained in missions. The idea is to have alot less of the minerals that make up your ships and modules come from reprocessed mission loot. Does that mean people will stop missioning and start PvPing or even worse, mining? Of course not.

The driving force behind mission running is not the loot. It's an additional benefit of running the missions, nothing more. Those who run them now, will continue to do so, only they'll be providing less of the stuff that dreams(and ships) are made of. That slack will be picked up by the miners, almost certainly, and the profession will become a bit more profitable. More people will remain miners as they start off, but people who are already running missions aren't going to switch because they lost out on a few million in minerals a day.

Expect the prices on the basic minerals to go up, and then back down. If I were you, I'd stock up on minerals sometime before the patch, or stock up on tech one ships. Dump the tech 2's, the prices are going to drop. Maybe not a lot, but it'll be worth your time to liquidate huge stashes before the next update, and then buy them back once the market stabilizes.

PvP in Tyrannis

I came, I conquered, I felt really bad about it.

So what's a PvPer to do with all this industry going on in my internet spaceship shooting stuff game? Where there is industry, there is money to be made, and money to be taken.

Camping a launch point and stealing the planetary goods is a start.

Establishing self sufficency in your 0.0 home system so you spend less time making fuel runs and more time roaming in your neighbors backyard.

Taking a system based on how valuable it's planets are, instead of just moons.

The list goes on and on. Pirates have a place. The imperial alliances have a place in the conflicts of tomorrow. Even the smallest groups in Eve will want to fight to protect their property.

With trillions of people looking on as their immortal overlords vie for their hearts, minds and bodies, I can't blame 'em.

Thus always to tyrants.


  1. Hey, very interesting analysis of some of the possible changes from the upcoming patch. Definately makes me want to analyze how my operations will be affected. Any insight on how this all might affect WH life?

  2. Thanks for your participation. The results of the contest will be announced tomorrow morning! Good luck.