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Monday, November 29, 2010

Interview With The Scampire.

There are two things people want more than sex and money: recognition and praise.
Mary Kay Ash

Long time readers may know: I like to mess with scammers whenever I can. There's just very little in this game more satisfying than playing mind games with someone who makes their money by playing tricks on people. I do this a lot, but this guy seemed to be a poster child for the kind of guys that I talk to. It starts simply enough: with me insisting in local that scammers can't possibly be making very much money. Every time, at least one of them starts a convo with me to prove me wrong.

daddyloonglegs > I made 20 bil in 3 weeks
daddyloonglegs > spamming jita local
Hallan Turrek > You see, there's a problem here.
daddyloonglegs > yep?
Hallan Turrek > You claim to've made a huge amount of money by lying to people. So why would I believe the claim?
daddyloonglegs > well
daddyloonglegs > it's up to you
Hallan Turrek > It sure is.
daddyloonglegs > and I really don't care whether you believe me or not
Hallan Turrek > Because you send mails and start convos with people you don't care about convincing of your coolness?
daddyloonglegs > nope
Hallan Turrek > Well, logically you wouldn't yeah. But here we are.
daddyloonglegs > my business is much more complicated
daddyloonglegs > and it is scam
daddyloonglegs > well
daddyloonglegs > it depends on definitions
daddyloonglegs > I like to call it overpriced sales mkay
daddyloonglegs > lol
daddyloonglegs > if you don't believe me
daddyloonglegs > check out this
Hallan Turrek > I don't think you've made any money on this, or at least not anywhere near as much as you claim.
daddyloonglegs > lol
daddyloonglegs > look
daddyloonglegs > just look
daddyloonglegs > Improved Crash Booster Reaction x 4
daddyloonglegs > Ammatar Slave Trader Insignia x 4
daddyloonglegs > Ammatar Slave Trader Insignia x 4
daddyloonglegs > Brynn Jerdola's Tag x 4
daddyloonglegs > Small Drone Durability Enhancer II x 3
daddyloonglegs > Low-grade Spur Alpha x 3
daddyloonglegs > Small Drone Durability Enhancer II x 3
daddyloonglegs > Medium Powergrid Subroutine Maximizer II x 2
daddyloonglegs > Medium Powergrid Subroutine Maximizer II x 5
daddyloonglegs > Medium Powergrid Subroutine Maximizer II x 4
daddyloonglegs > moar?
daddyloonglegs > and these are only contract sales
Hallan Turrek > Alt accounts accepting it, to make yourself look better to the scamming community? For shame.
daddyloonglegs > lol
daddyloonglegs > you dude look pathetic
Hallan Turrek > Why thank you.
daddyloonglegs > you think I have so many useless alts?
daddyloonglegs > go check them
daddyloonglegs > convo them
daddyloonglegs > I use alts
daddyloonglegs > to sell shit
Hallan Turrek > I know that. I saw the contracts you "completed".
daddyloonglegs > dude
daddyloonglegs > I know what is a poor null sec dweller's life like yours
daddyloonglegs > ratting
daddyloonglegs > ratting
daddyloonglegs > still no money to afford kewl ships
Hallan Turrek > Yes, I must be a pretty hardcore PvE'er. I admit.
daddyloonglegs > and I make 1-4 bil a day
daddyloonglegs > depends on effort
Hallan Turrek > No you do not, I believe that was my whole point.
daddyloonglegs > I guess it sucks that you have to be killing damn npc 24/7 for a month
daddyloonglegs > to afford such money
daddyloonglegs > lol
daddyloonglegs > well
daddyloonglegs > check this
daddyloonglegs > wait
daddyloonglegs > let me log on my alt
daddyloonglegs > almost theeere
daddyloonglegs > lol 1 min
daddyloonglegs > seriously

*Sends me a scam mail with his alt.*

Hallan Turrek > Wait, am I supposed to read that?
daddyloonglegs > I'll trade you
daddyloonglegs > to show the money
daddyloonglegs > if you are that persistant in denying the fact
Hallan Turrek > I doubt you would do such a thing.
daddyloonglegs > I never said I'm going to complete that trade
daddyloonglegs > lol
daddyloonglegs > 16,6 bil would be too nice for you
daddyloonglegs > ok almost there
Hallan Turrek > Having money of your own and having money from scamming are two different things. You can make way more money from legitimate trading, after all.
daddyloonglegs > lol
daddyloonglegs > no you cant
daddyloonglegs > trade thanatisa
daddyloonglegs > for some reason I cant do that
Hallan Turrek > That's not going to happen.
daddyloonglegs > just trade her
daddyloonglegs > why?
daddyloonglegs > lol dude
Hallan Turrek > You really have to ask the question?
daddyloonglegs > well you don't believe me
Hallan Turrek > That's true.
daddyloonglegs > that someone is inteligent enough to make in 3 weeks the amount of money you have to spend 2 years to get
daddyloonglegs > lligent*
daddyloonglegs > and it's your problem
daddyloonglegs > I just wanted to prove you are stupid
Hallan Turrek > Well oddly enough, that's the exact opposite of the case. I don't think anyone would be dumb enough to think you can make more money from scams than not.
Hallan Turrek > Sure it can make some money, and if you're lucky it can make a lot. But you can make more money from legitimate means.
daddyloonglegs > ahahah
daddyloonglegs > you underestimate people's dumbness
Hallan Turrek > I've underestimated yours perhaps.
daddyloonglegs > yeah right
Hallan Turrek > But we can play this game all day long.
Hallan Turrek > There's no way you can prove to me you're successful at scamming. Well there is one way, but you're not sending me any money, so lets just leave it be.
daddyloonglegs > I can show it to you
daddyloonglegs > in the trade window
daddyloonglegs > 16,6 bil isk I have now
daddyloonglegs > 3,4 were spent on expenses
daddyloonglegs > just trade thanatisa
daddyloonglegs > I'll show you
daddyloonglegs > you can have any screenshots
daddyloonglegs > of markets seles
daddyloonglegs > market*
daddyloonglegs > I can prove you are an idiot anyway
Hallan Turrek > Seriously, we're still here? I mean I'm stuck in Jita cause I clone jumped down to buy some stuff. Why are you here?
daddyloonglegs > you can deny the grass is green as long as you want
daddyloonglegs > I like to show idiots they are idiots
daddyloonglegs > I'm proud of myself.
Hallan Turrek > This wouldn't be as satisfying if I didn't know for sure you're dead set on proving your success. If you had it, you could just enjoy it right? But this drive to prove it, means you got nothin'.
daddyloonglegs > lol
daddyloonglegs > just lol
daddyloonglegs > go on ratting dude
daddyloonglegs > on*
daddyloonglegs > ok dude
daddyloonglegs > I have some serious business to run you know
daddyloonglegs > maybe in a couple of months I'll buy your alliance =p

What this guy fails to realize, and what I think a large number of scammers just don't get is this: The truly successful scammers don't want recognition. They don't feel a need to prove to anyone that they're successful, they just are.


  1. Hilarious post man! I love your title; that's brilliant. I agree with you that this fellow's need to "prove" to you how successful he is most likely is a sign that he's not. Keep at em!

  2. ProTip: You don't need to clone jump to Jita to buy stuff. Just create an alt on any account, even your main, and don't train them at all.

    Instead of getting stuck in Jita for 24h, you just have to relog.