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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Third Oldest Profession

So I've started to run ads on the site. I figured it couldn't do any harm, but I seem to be getting a bunch of Isk sellers and asset sellers. Is there anyway to fix that?

Edit: I did a bit of research, there is actually a review process available for this. I just gotta wait until it's active. So I'll see how it goes.

Edit 2: This is too much work for too little gain. SUSPENDED. Though I might try the time codes guy.


  1. If you're using Google Ad Sense, I don't think so. You can go into your stats of Ad Sense and blog specific websites and/or blog categories of ads. However, the ads you see are based on your browser history. Also, the ads you see won't be the same ads your readers see. Each person will see a different ad based on their browsing history.


    There you go, a ready made exclusion list for Adsense. I don't know how often its updated though.

  3. *sameless self plug* you can also try an affiliate account with EveTimeCode(dot)com and earn 5% commission anytime a pilot purchases via your site.

    Sorry for the plug, I was going to give you the link @Mandrill gave you but since that was already taken care of.....