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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Among the Stars Part 2/3

Give us a tantrum
And a know it all grin
Just when we need one
When the evening's thin
Sarah McLachlan - Building a Mystery

Continued From Part 1

My Manticore sat in a position between the bubble and the gate. If anything decloaked on the gate, I could shoot it, and if anything tried to warp to our gate, it would get caught on our bubble, where I could also shoot it. The first few minutes were quiet, until a couple of blues came into the system. They warped to our gate and landed on our bubble. We didn't bother them, and watched as they began to burn back towards the gate.

"I think they're shooting our bubble," Mon whispered over comms.

"Tell them to stop," Aleks said from a system over.

"I did," Mon answered.

"Give them one last warning, then blow them out of the sky. I'm on my way,"

After a listen to the local chatter, it became apparent that the two blues were pretty drunk:

Nutmegpainter > F*** yo catch n**** f*** yo coutch!
MonwrathDisortium > Leave my bubble alone
Hallan Turrek > Hey!
Pistrik > yo
Hallan Turrek > Get off our bubble.
Nutmegpainter > olololololol
Nutmegpainter > RAPIER NEGAGED
Nutmegpainter > GET HIMMM

The annoying part about this was that the Rapier was a member of Noir Academy. They engaged it, sorta. The drake continued to lob missiles at our bubble as he burned towards the Rapier. It became apparent that we were going to have to end these guys. I decloaked, our Hound decloaked, and both of our Drakes engaged the unprepared blues. We primaried the Drake, and my torpedos ripped him apart. We turned our attention to the stunned Prophecy, and he also died in short order. We allowed their pods to go on their way, but they weren't done in local.

Nutmegpainter > WTF?!?!?
darkvadur > WOW GO F*** URSELF
darkvadur > F***IN PIEADE OF S***
darkvadur > F*** ALL OF U
Alekseyev Karrde > Don't shoot blues next time moron
darkvadur > doucvhes
darkvadur > go f*** urself u f***in tools
Hallan Turrek tips his hat
darkvadur > ya look at ur stocmach u old fat f***
Alekseyev Karrde > Pro pilots, would shoot again.

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