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Thursday, November 12, 2009

CSM Election Interview Series: Ashina Sito

Hallan Turrek > My name is Hallan Turrek from A Merry Life and a Short One. Today, I'm interviewing Ashina Sito.
Hallan Turrek > Hello Ashina!
Hallan Turrek > How're you doing?
Ashina Sito waves
Ashina Sito > hello
Ashina Sito > fine, you?
Hallan Turrek > I'm well. Lets dip into your platform here:
Hallan Turrek > Your platform seems to indicate a great interest in 0.0. Do you consider yourself primarily a null-sec PvPer?
Ashina Sito > Well, I do some High sec can flipping/ninja baiting
Hallan Turrek > What does that entail exactly?
Ashina Sito > My focus is on Introductery PvP for new players
Ashina Sito > well, with baiting
Ashina Sito > I have used on an alt a mining bait vexor
Ashina Sito > mining into a jet can to attract flippers
Ashina Sito > moved up to a Hulk later
Hallan Turrek nods
Ashina Sito > she went 18 and 0 in it
Hallan Turrek > You said your focus is on introductory PVP?
Ashina Sito > yes
Hallan Turrek > You mean introductory PvP in 0.0 for new players?
Ashina Sito > That is correct
Hallan Turrek > You believe then that 0.0 is the best place to learn PvP?
Ashina Sito > Well, the reason for the focus on 0.0 PvP is simple
Ashina Sito > no kill rights
Ashina Sito > I trian up new pilots, yougest ever to go into 0.0 was playing for 5 hours
Hallan Turrek > You believe that kill rights are a barrier normally to those wishing to learn combat?
Ashina Sito > if you go and gank someoen in low sec as a newbiw you could be in trouble
Ashina Sito > Not if you go to 0.0 =D
Hallan Turrek > So is that something you'd like to see changed?
Ashina Sito > Not at all
Ashina Sito > well
Ashina Sito > transferable kill rights should be done
Hallan Turrek > What do you mean?
Ashina Sito > well, lets say I kill you in low sec
Ashina Sito > but your not skilled enough, as a pilot or a player, to take advantage of that kill right in high sec
Ashina Sito > the ability for you to hire aonther pilot to attack me woudl allow you some revenge
Hallan Turrek nods
Ashina Sito > it would give Anit- pirates somethign to do.
Hallan Turrek > I didn't see that in your platform. Is that an addition?
Ashina Sito > no, your questions brought it up
Hallan Turrek > So it's not something you feel you'd push for?
Ashina Sito > push, no. Back yes.
Hallan Turrek > Lets talk about the "Incubator Systems" your platform mentions.
Hallan Turrek > What is an "Incubator System"?
Ashina Sito > many stations. with most if not all the usefull services.
Hallan Turrek > You believe the current regions such as Syndicate are insufficent?
Ashina Sito > yes
Hallan Turrek > How so?
Ashina Sito > There is not enough space, that simply
Ashina Sito > there does not need to be a lot, but there is room for some more regions like syndicate
Hallan Turrek > That's a requirement for good 0.0 PvP?
Ashina Sito > it does no good to have a base 14 jumps from the nearest clone bay
Ashina Sito > no, good populations
Ashina Sito > more players, more PvP, more PvP more fun
Hallan Turrek > So a combination of factors then?
Ashina Sito > correct
Ashina Sito > clones, manufacturing and hopefully good refining
Ashina Sito > then anyone, player, corp or alliance can come out and test teh waters
Ashina Sito > after a time, tehy will move on. Ether back to high/low sec
Ashina Sito > or into Player Sov space
Ashina Sito > hopefully with Dominion there will be room for them
Hallan Turrek > So then what would you do to solve the problems of 0.0 PvP?
Ashina Sito > Well, that is an impossable question to answer atm
Ashina Sito > Dominion is so close
Ashina Sito > it will change everything
Hallan Turrek > Does that mean your platform is changing as well?
Ashina Sito > What I can say is that I will use my skills and knowladge as well as principles to make sure that I attemt to make things out there as balanced as possable
Hallan Turrek nods
Hallan Turrek > Lets move onto non-0.0 related issues then.
Ashina Sito > ok
Hallan Turrek > Do you believe that ECM is broken in it's current form?
Ashina Sito > Ether ECCM or ECM is broken
Hallan Turrek > Either?
Ashina Sito > since I have expreiance on both sides I woudl say that ECCM needs some help
Hallan Turrek nods
Hallan Turrek > What kind of help are you proposing?
Ashina Sito > The boosting of the ECCM Module by 50-100% and/or the addition of ECCM rigs
Hallan Turrek > So you'd make ECM counterable with just one module?
Ashina Sito > Not really, just give the chance for an ECCM fitted ship to not get jammed rather then soak up jammers and still get jammed. If that makes sence.
Hallan Turrek > You'd rather see a ship with ECCM not get jammed instead of requiring more ECM to jam?
Ashina Sito > Not quite. ECCM should not be a free pass. But in my experience an overheated ECCM BS can still be jammed more then not
Ashina Sito > I woudl like to slide the jam free time to the ECCM ship a bit more then it is now
Hallan Turrek > And that would include doubling the ECCM boost?
Ashina Sito > 50-100% yes, mabe less if CCP added ECCM rigs which would be a great addition
Hallan Turrek > When you say that, you mean all ECCM modules, Passive and Active?
Ashina Sito > I would say all. But don't get stuck on the ammonth of the change. The idea is less a number and more of a concept. A few more jam free cycles for that ECCM fitted ship. At that poijnt I thing that ECM would be well balanced
Hallan Turrek > So your platform seems to indicate that you're unhappy with the way drones currently perform. What are the main problems?
Ashina Sito > they get wilder with every passing year
Ashina Sito > currently the biggest issue is that they will go to an assigned target, then wander off to another target. So you reassign, and they do it again, and again, and again.
Ashina Sito > They still do not stay in a groups
Ashina Sito > group
Hallan Turrek > So you'd propose that they not do that then?
Ashina Sito > correct. They worked well for a while there but sicne Apocrypha they have gone a little bonkers
Hallan Turrek > You platform includes a section on cloaking as well. What does "decloaking friendlies" mean?
Ashina Sito > if one cloaked ship flys within 2km of another firendly cloaked ship they will decloak eachother.
Ashina Sito > This is most problematic with recon/bomber gangs
Hallan Turrek > You'd like that to be less likely to happen or you'd like it not to happen?
Ashina Sito > Movemnt and set up become very difficult
Ashina Sito > It should not happen
Hallan Turrek > What would your solution be exactly?
Ashina Sito never has flone in a cloaker gang... flies with too many noobliets
Ashina Sito > Simplest fix is to make it so friendly cloaked ships do not decloak eachother
Ashina Sito > if that is simple coding wise I do not know
Hallan Turrek nods
Hallan Turrek > You're also proposing to fix the Directional scanner, can you tell me how?
Ashina Sito > Adding an AU or KM option to the directional scanner. Reducing the recalibration from scanning to 1 second from the current 2 seonds. A "cllick to select" instead of click and drag" ability to the angle when using the directional scanner.
Ashina Sito > 3 elements lifted from my CSM blog
Ashina Sito > AU KM conversion is annoying
Hallan Turrek > It sounds like you'd redesign the directional scanner entirely.
Ashina Sito > not really, add a switch for the AU KM
Ashina Sito > the "drag" angle aspect is a real change
Ashina Sito > and peopel are begging for the recalibration timer to be lifted
Hallan Turrek nods
Ashina Sito > In all fairness, those 3 are on the CSM table currently, I left them on as my planks to show people my prepective on things
Hallan Turrek > Besides what we've talked about, what is the number one issue that you'd push for as a CSM member?
Ashina Sito > More monster trucks on space?
Ashina Sito > sorry.... CSM related joke
Hallan Turrek > I see.
Ashina Sito > Tough question.
Ashina Sito > Mabe the removal of insurance for CONCORD related losses
Hallan Turrek > You believe that insurance is broken now?
Ashina Sito > depends on how you look at it
Ashina Sito > but suicide ganking is still cheap and easy
Hallan Turrek > And it shouldn't be, in your opinion?
Ashina Sito > also, if some poor pod pilot gets CONCORDed shooting their friend on accident, they will learn the lesson well if they do not get insurnace
Ashina Sito > In a nut shell, yes. Suicide ganking is too cheap.
Ashina Sito > a couple of thorax's that cost a 3-5 million after insuracen to take out a stationary Hulk mining in high sec
Ashina Sito > Risk Reward, the ganker has no risk and recieves all the reward
Ashina Sito > It's why I take such joy in killing can flippers and ninja's
Hallan Turrek > Are there any links you'd like published with the interview?
Ashina Sito > My Jita Park CSM canidate announcment
Ashina Sito > that has a link to my Blog in it
Hallan Turrek nods
Hallan Turrek > Alright then, it was nice talking to you.
Hallan Turrek > I appreciate your time.
Ashina Sito > your welcome, and thak you for your time as well
Hallan Turrek nods

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