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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Discussing the New Sov Mechanics

Well you've GOT to have an opinion.
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It will cost at least 2 billion a month to keep sovereignty in a fully upgraded system. That seems like the most important change. It will force 0.0 alliances to shrink their empires. This can only be good. More unclaimed space means more alliances will take that space. They may not fully upgrade it, but they'll own it and use it.

If you're willing to skimp on the extras(Cyno Jammers and Jump Bridges) you can hold sov for less than a billion a month. This is a much more feasible concept. If you just want to claim a system and that's all, it's only 600 million a month.

These are easily attainable numbers for small but active alliances. Even moreso once they've taken a system and have started to use it. The numbers are not concrete either, and I would wager they'll go down before the go up.

So the empires shrink, and more people crowd into more systems. Negative effects of course include cloakers(like myself) AFKing in a system and putting a hundred people out of work for a while.



So now you can upgrade a system. You'll see more mining sites, hacking sites, archaeology sites, gas sites, DED Plexes, Anomalies, and even wormholes when you upgrade your system. I predict the prices on quite a few things will crash over the next year as the items begin to flood the market. I won't mind.

Also included in this is "forced activity". If you're not using your upgrades fully, you lose them. This is a great idea in theory, but it mainly means you won't be wasting money on upgrades you're not using.


I believe alliances that are used to owning multiple regions will be most opposed to this change. Obviously they'd be interested in keeping costs down. To those of us that are not in sovereignty holding alliances though, this is a boon the likes of which we will never get again. I hope to make good use of it. What about you?


  1. If the stated goal is to get more people into 0.0, then you need to use a lure. And that lure is ISK, plain and simple. There are many people who are already in 0.0 due to political, philosophical or personal reasons. But for everyone else, it's just business.

    The crucial question is whether 0.0 is going to be worth it when compared to the alternatives. A post-Dominion 0.0 system has to provide a large enough revenue to offset the cost of security, logistics and diplomacy. Currently, owning a 0.0 system without a R64 moon is barely worth it. When R64 moons are nerfed and costs in addition to the safespot POSes are introduced, that system is only going to look less lucrative, not more. If a 0.0 system provides less profit than lowsec, highsec or wormhole systems, then people who are not already in 0.0 will not move.

  2. Are these numbers based on the blog or the revised numbers posted in the comments by CCP? Math is hard.

  3. These are the revised numbers.

    And, right now, I think that W-space looks more attractive for many purposes. That disappoints me because I'd really like to see nullsec start to pull folks away from W-space.