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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Jita Local Experience

So uh, are you experienced?
Have you ever been experienced?
Well, I have.
Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced

So I spent a part of monday In Jita... but I didn't have a whole lot to do there. I decided that since I was going to hang out for a couple of hours, I'd better do something to keep myself interested.

So I started to catalog scam types. In the two hours there, I came across 4 different local scams.

First of all were the plethora of "send me isk and I'll send some back". We've all seen these before, and they always make me chuckle.

Second was the Caldari Navy Invulnerability field that wasn't. It's just a normal Invulnerability Field on contract, where they changed the writing of the linked contract. Nothing too spectacular.

Third was the minimum bid scam. This one was new to me, so it took a bit of looking at the contract 'fore I recognized it. Basically you put up something expensive(but not that expensive) on contract with no buyout and a 1 million isk minimum bid. Then, using a friend or another account, make a bid of 1 billion isk. Now go to local, advertise a 1 million isk minimum bid on that item. Wait for someone not to count zeros, and make a billion isk bid on the item. Profit.

Fourth and finally, the Plex scam. Simply say you're paying 2 billion for 5 plexes, when you're really paying 2 million. Hope someone is greedy and gives you 5 plexes for 2 million isk.

The same contracts went up for about 2 hours yesterday, and no one bit. I doubt my constantly calling them scams to keep myself occupied was actually helping at all, they probably just have a low success rate. A fun experiance though.


  1. Two hours and only *four* scams? I can usually identify a dozen different scam types in an hour.

  2. Normally there are indeed more, but for some reason, it must've been a bad time.

  3. I love the Primae buying one.
    I've only seen it in Rens so far, so it might be a Miilla homebrew but im not that often in Jita anyways.
    Its basically advertised as wts Primae for a horrible low price while in fact it is a WTB contract for that price. It hopes for someone who happens to own a primae to be greedy enough and not realise the money is in green.

    And Miilla also sells lots of rigged and fitted Hulks where no Hulk is included in the lot of modules.