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Monday, September 13, 2010

Things Not Yet Done

Why is the path unclear?
When we know home is near...
Once More With Feeling - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So, there are different play styles in Eve. Different avenues of play, as it were. You could spend years doing just one thing, or be like me and never spend to long(six months as a pirate and a year as a merc aren't that long in the grand scheme of things) on one thing.

What kind of play styles are there?

There's the wardeccing playstyle... which is normally played fast and loose(unlike how it was done in my time in Noir.). Where people try to get as much out of some high sec alliance/corp as possible. But the basics are simple, declare war and try to kill the target's assets.

Or the full carebear play style, mining, mission running, salvaging, production, transport or trading. Done from the safety of high sec, the depths of wormhole space, Amamake or null sec, it's all the same. You're just waiting to eventually be someone else's victim.

The null sec alliance members... people who have hours upon hours of pos shooting to look forwards to. And CTAs or roaming gangs that aren't always that much fun. Or the occasional giant mega death battle. Where none of your modules work and you die before the grid loads. Fun.

Maybe you've taken to the pirate lifestyle, one of the most free ways to fly, but the game puts heavy penalties on you for doing so. Go out, find people and kill them, but avoid the law and the bigger fish while you do so. Can be a lot of fun with the right people.

Or the non-traditional PvPers... the ninja salvagers, scammers and suicide gankers. Looking for victims in and endless sea of smaller fish. There's plenty of fish in the sea, and if they like it, why not?

Not many people fall into neat little categories. Most people spill into one or all of them at one point.

But I look back at my time in Eve so far, and realize something important. I've done most of this. I've done highsec war decs, I've done piracy, I've been part of a null sec alliance, I've done my own share of carebearing and preyed on the carebears of high sec and beyond.

So what does that leave me?

Well, it required a closer look, but there are a couple of things I haven't done, in regards to my play styles. Most importantly, I think is that I've yet to be part of a huge null sec alliance. Sure, I was part of Noir., and they hold a nice chunk of null sec, but I rose to the top rather quickly there. I've got a hankering, oddly enough, to be just another soldier in someone else's war machine. Maybe it won't be fun, but I'm tired of missing the experience.

I want to join a big ole' null sec alliance. Given that my first option of Pandemic Legion is surprisingly tough to get into, I'm going to have to look around a bit harder for a second option.


  1. Ignoring russians (because they're russians), IT (because they're IT) and the shattered remnants of the southern coalition (because they are dying a horrible death as we speak) I would tend to recommend trying Stella Polaris as they are on a campaign to take geminate, with assistance from a relatively small number of alliances.

    If you want to be a soldier conquering your new home is a good way to start, and there's no war machine so finely tuned as the northern coalition.