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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's Your Greatest Escape Story?

Oh right, a Muninn. Hey Lag. Ok, a Dramiel has me tackled and I'm at half armor.

I should interject here and say that if not for my own stupidity, I wouldn't have ended up in the situation in the first place.

This was back during my time in Noir., the good old days, which weren't too long ago. We're fighting some Legiunea Romana and we're camping them into a system. Sorry, let me be clear, camping them into their own systems. The camp is going good, but they finally bring in enough people and organize them properly to drive us off for a while. I'm hanging back, still watching in my stealth bomber. I see a Dramiel Micro Warping in a tight orbit of the gate.

"Hey Alek," I said, knowing he wouldn't pay attention till I gave him actual intel, "There's a Dramiel on the gate just MWDing around,"

"Really?" He'd answered. I knew he'd fit a bomb launcher for this particular excercise, and I also knew enough about it that he wouldn't kill it in one bomb... and I didn't have one.

"I can target paint it while you bomb it," I'd said without thinking. It sounded good right?

"Yeah, ok, you ready?" He'd said without hesitation.

"Yup," I answered just as quickly.



It was at this point that I recognized a few things. On the field were a number of ships, but the ones that worried me the most... or I guess more accurately should have worried me the most were the Muninn and the target Dramiel. I let my mind wander for a few minutes I guess... cause on top of the expected risk of being decloaked for almost fifteen seconds, I completely failed to tracking disrupt the Muninn.

Oh right, a Muninn. Hey Lag. Ok, a Dramiel has me tackled and I'm at half armor.

We're been here before, right?

So the Muninn puts another volley into me before I make his guns useless, but I've got a Dramiel on my ass and he ain't letting go. I already had him targeted, so I just threw on a target range dampening script after aligning out and spammed the warp button.

And away I went. No fuss, no fanfair, no armor and almost no structure, but alive.

I'll take it. What's your best escape?


  1. Me in a Sleipnir jumping into a gate. NCDOT Dramiel is on gate, seems solo, local on both sides is otherwise clear, so I engage it with 220s and Warrior IIs. Dramiel runs away and loses tackle.. Rest of gang logs in at the gate to kill me. Dramiel is killed by my drones, which I then pull in.

    There but for the grace of God and Blue Pill boosters go I. I tank the entire 20+ gang for thirty seconds (it felt like minutes), then jump out.

    Fifteen minutes later I return to the scene to find the Dramiel's wreck unlooted, and score deadspace fittings.

  2. escape stories are so exciting :D thanks for sharing yours.
    I wrote a response on my blog which you can find over at

  3. I've had several fights in my Taranis where I got away with literally between 1% and 3% structure left. Definitely one of the most intense little ships you can fly.