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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Apathy. My Third Worst Enemy!

Oh, you poor dumb elf. Don't you get it?
Be a vampire, or a ghost, or an immortal with a
paint-by-numbers portrait in the rec room.
Hell, even a brain-in-a-jar, in a pinch.
Anything to avoid the Big Fire Below.
So what this tells me is you're channeling the
"raw unlimited energies" of two chumps who didn't
have the balls to stay in the game!
Xykon - The Order of the Stick

You're in a Rifter. I know, a strange way to start, but here we are. You come upon another Rifter in a belt, minding his own business. But this is low-sec, and you're not here to make friends. You lock him up, he locks you up, scrams and webs reach out and grab hold of each of you. This looks to be a good fight. Oh man, he's burning your shields down fast, and you're not scratching his. There goes half your armor, and he's not even below 75% shields. Oh well. I guess you should just quit. Right?

Aralis thinks so. Now, if this was the first time he's done that, I'd be much more inclined to let it slide. But it isn't. Not by a long shot. The next bit is going to be a summation of something that happened in a game Aralis played before he came to EVE, a game I played as one of his allies, and a game he also left citing "the administration" as his reasons.

Flashback to like 9 years ago, and a little game called TDZK, which was around before EVE. Imperial Dreams(yes, the name of the founding corp of CVA) was one of the strongest groups of players in the game at the time, and they were in a constant war with the other strongest group. Near the end of the round we had a planetary siege, which was a bit like system sieging in EVE really. The other guys were attacking ID, and my guys came in to help ID out. The battle lasted for many many hours, and when it was done, ID held the field. Only they'd done it with a little exploit they knew existed beforehand. The game owners were just a group of 3 admins, so they promptly reversed the results, handed the planet over, and that was the end of it.

Aralis and his kind went seven kinds of crazy, "If it wasn't part of the game mechanics you should've said something, rar rar rar. We quit,". And quit they did. They disappeared into EVE, and I didn't hear anything about them until I left that same game many years later to take up EVE for myself(after a year of WOW).

By the time I realized CVA was founded by a bunch of old friends of mine, I was already -10 and loving it. So it was unlikely I'd ever get back together with them. Time passed.

You all know the rest: CVA pisses off AAA, refuses to apologize, blames CCP's new mechanics for it's inability to hold it's space and vows to fight forever to regain Providence.

I blame society all the time, but I mean it as a joke.

Newsflash you giant retarded space flea, it's not CCP's fault they made worthless space not worthless. You're the only people in the game who could possibly complain about that. You'd spent a long time getting soft because you never had a real sovereignty threat to deal with, and when it came, you floundered around like a fish out of water.

You lost a war, and it wasn't because of the administration of anything other than your own alliance. You got soft, and this is what happens when you get soft. But anyone who thought that Aralis would stick it out for the long haul after this was sorely mistaken. He's a quitter, he'll always be a quitter, and he'll die a quitter.

Albeit technically, I think, everyone dies a quitter.

I digress. The ultimate point of this isn't an insult Aralis-a-thon, though lord knows(see what I did there?) I could do that all day. This goes out to each and every one of you quitting motherfuckers. You wanna quit cause you ain't got time? Fine. You wanna quit cause it's just not interesting anymore? Fine.

But you wanna quit cause you don't like the direction CCP is taking? Man the fuck up and run for the CSM. Or just accept your own inadequacies and stop blaming other people. If you run, win, and still feel like giving EVE up... that's cool.

You tried.

At least you goddamn tried.

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  1. Interesting background story, there, Hallan.

    I enjoy your strident opinions, but will observe that quitting a game because you don't like the direction it is being evolved in is a legitimate consumer response--same as with any service model business. EVE players are just a whole lot more publicly emo about it sometimes.

    As for your suggestion to "Man the fuck up and run for CSM"...well...not everyone has the time or inclination to run for a volunteer council that consumes many hours of unpaid time each week that could be spent doing much more fun or personally profitable things, trust me. So, your position is a bit over the top on that point, imho.

    But along those lines: Those who are too lazy to get off their asses and click a button to vote for CSM candidates who reflect their preferences SHOULD actually STFU.