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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eve News Now: Episode 11


My Name is Hallan Turrek, and this is Eve News Now.

You're tired, tired of staring at the same rocks, every day.

And you're bored, bored of shooting at the same rats in missions and anomolies,

And you're better than this, but you can't break out of the rut.

PvPing is expensive, so doesn't it make sense to get paid to do it?

Join Cosmic Cimmerians, an Aussie Corp with a strong US timezone presence. They've got a 90% efficiency and are a part of Noir. Mercenary Group, a proven and elite group of PvPers. They want people from all timezones to come and be better than they are.

If you've got more than 20 million skill points contact The Mnemone in game and set up an interview. That's "The Mnemone".

And really, aren't you tired of settling for just good enough?

February 5th

In Fountain: Charlie Foxtrot and with a little help from the NC reinforced systems all over the region. IT put up no resistance to the fleet.

In Catch: In a strange turn of events, but not an unexpected one, CVA has taken some northern parts of the region, including the constellation NNLX-K, from The Initiative with the support of AAA. Evoke and NCDOT should be feeling a bit uneasy at a resurgent CVA, but so far appear to be ignoring the threat.

Of course they might not need to worry, with Destructive Influence, one of the largest corps from IT slated to join NCDOT. Adding almost 500 to an alliance of only 900 might cause some growing pains, but it will certainly shake up the Providence situation.

February 6th

Rage, Majesta and Rebellion alliance defeated yet another Drone Russian incursion in the systems T-YAU and EOA-ZC. Despite some assistance from Evoke and RaidenDOT, the DRF forces were defeated, and every SBU was destroyed. The NC forces killed over 100 enemy ships, while they only lost 50. This marks the third time in as many weeks that the Drone Russians have mounted a full invasion only to be routed and killed.

February 7th

In Khanid: IT alliance lost 5 freighters in Goudiyah while trying to evacuate assets from their Null-Sec Holdings. Highlights of the loss included a variety of battleships, frigates, faction items, supercap fittings, and finally a whole lot of tritanium.

February 8th

In Providence: The constellation of Q-6LG1 has been hit by a combined Polaris Syndicate and Ewoks fleet. With systems changing hands already, if CVA can't protect themselves against these very small entities, what happens when NCDOT and Evoke turn their full attention to them?

February 9th

In Querious: Saints Amongst Sinners has left their home system of B-7DFU and abandoned their allies IT. Reportedly in talks with Atlas., one imagines they were almost too late to get off IT's sinking boat.

In Pure Blind: There may be some more PL rage about armor hacs today, given the losses they've again suffered. After reinforcing and attempting to take another technetium moon in X47L-Q, PL were surprised by a 300 man NC fleet, coming to support the already active defense fleet. PL may need to try a new tactic, as the last 5 attempts have failed fairly spectacularly.

February 10th

It's finally over. While IT alliance structure will remain, each Corp is on its own with regard to direction and defense.

Pilots! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty, for tonight we mine in Delve!

Sorry, couldn't resist.

This has been Eve News Now.

You always want to be a part of something bigger. You remember back in grade school when you joined the Pen 15 club? They're back, and they're rocking local in style.

Sometimes, you just can't help but be elite. You roll in, you kill the enemy, you take his stuff, and you warp away. That's just how it is.

You wanna join the Pen 15 club? Fine, take a look at Muppet Factory, if you're good enough maybe they'll let you in.

Then again, maybe not. If it was easy, they wouldn't be elite.

Special Thanks to Eve News 24, CCP, and to Dotlan.

Thanks for listening!

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