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Friday, February 4, 2011

Eve News Now: Episode 10

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My Name is Hallan Turrek, and this is Eve News Now.

You're tired, tired of staring at the same rocks, every day.

And you're bored, bored of shooting at the same rats in missions and anomalies,

And you're better than this, but you can't break out of the rut.

PvPing is expensive, so doesn't it make sense to get paid to do it?

Join Cosmic Cimmerians, an Aussie Corp with a strong US timezone presence. They've got a 90% efficiency and are a part of Noir. Mercenary Group, a proven and elite group of PvPers. They want people from all timezones to come and be better than they are.

If you've got more than 20 million skillpoints contact The Mnemone ingame and set up an interview. That's "The Mnemone".

And really, aren't you tired of settling for just good enough?

January 29th

For a while it looked like the Mercenary coalition was back. After Cursed Inc., Body Count Inc. and Shade. left, the alliance is dead once again, and this time around it had hardly any effect on the greater landscape of EVE.

January 30th

In Fountain: IT has only one more chance to break the siege on 6VDT. The battle has been neither fierce nor intense. IT has simply lost many assets in the system in the form of towers as each timer has been burned through. Today the IHUB was destroyed, and the station was put into it's last timer. If IT cannot break this siege, they and their allies will have untold billions in assets trapped in a station they cannot access.

In Pure Blind: The Pandemic offensive has gotten off to a mixed start in R-2R0G, after taking a technetium moon from Get off My Lawn a few days ago. PL had the moon taken back by a combined NC and Pure Blind Residents action. If PL had trouble fighting the NC blob in Venal, one wonders if moving only a region away to do their work was a good idea.

In Period Basis: It's another game of musical chairs. Romanian Legion is about to take back Period Basis with the help of StainWagon, while IT and Systematic Chaos are occupied defending Fountain. It's dueling pets, and incredibly ironic, since Romanian Legion used to be IT pets, and Systematic-Chaos used to be StainWagon pets.

January 31st

In Fountain: 6VDT-H has been captured by the Charlie Foxtrot coalition. Test Alliance please ignore has taken the system, and dealt a major blow to IT and it's allies. No word on the amount of assets trapped, but one report from Systematic-Chaos indicates that only a week ago, they moved most of their assets there to help in the fight against Charlie Foxtrot. IT did attempt to evacuate some assets, and lost over 58 billion in ships. This could be the biggest win so far in this war.

Febuary 2nd

In Vale of the Silent: It wasn't a big battle, but it was incredibly one sided, in 0R-F2F Evoke killed 105 ships and achieved a 93.56% efficiency. Rage and Majesta pilots are surely hurting after this.

In Immensea: In WYF8-8 Red Citizens may have taken the reports of The Initiative's demise a bit too seriously, while the Sad Bunnies showed they're still a force to be reckoned with, killing 3 Supercarriers, 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 Carriers, and a golem worth two and a half billion.

Febuary 3rd

In Querious: A pet without the support of it's masters is it's own master. Nulli Secunda has announced a full reset of IT. Will this save their space?

In Pure Blind: Pandemic Legion lost 7 dreadnoughts today in a failed Titan gank. So far their gains in Pure Blind have been limited, and one wonders if the longstanding animosity with PL's employers, IT, is the root cause of their lackluster performance.

In Querious: Babylon 5 has called it quits, and are abandoning their nullsec systems. The constellation of 9NP-KR, their new new home after losing their fountain systems, was completely abandoned today. With IT's allies, pets, and renters falling all around them what is left to prop IT up?

In Period Basis: TPAR-G has fallen to Romanian-Legion, in what is probably the first of many systems taken off the hands of Systematic-Chaos. A token force of SyS-K tried to hold off the invading forces, but without IT's help it was quickly swept aside.

Pandemic Legion has lost an estimated 100 billion in ships and fittings to a corp theft. The fully fit carriers, dreadnoughts, and tech two ships were lifted by a disgruntled Sniggardly corp member. Already unhappy with the performance of PL against the NC, the breaking point was setting IT blue. He took the ships, and an additional 50 billion isk in cash. The total of 150 billion is a conservative estimate, but PL has claimed numerous times that they lost almost nothing.

Febuary 4th

More bad news for IT as one of their core members, Black Nova Corp has decided to leave and is now disbanding. None of this is unexpected, as most people believe that IT is on it's way out, but the question is... how long do they have left?

This has been Eve News Now.

You always want to be a part of something bigger. You remember back in grade school when you joined the Pen 15 club? They're back, and they're rocking local in style.

Sometimes, you just can't help but be elite. You roll in, you kill the enemy, you take his stuff, and you warp away. That's just how it is.

You wanna join the Pen 15 club? Fine, take a look at Muppet Factory, if you're good enough maybe they'll let you in.

Then again, maybe not. If it was easy, they wouldn't be elite.

Special Thanks to Eve News 24, CCP, to Dotlan, and to viewers like you.

Thanks for listening!

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