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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

OOC: This One's For The Girls

And with a broken wing,
She still sings,
She keeps an eye on the sky,
With a broken wing,
She carries her dreams,
Man you ought to see her fly.
A Broken Wing - Martina McBride

I really gotta pay my dues. I've been at piracy for almost six months now. As a dude in online games I know that chicks exist and are just as likely to be complete douchbags as anyone else. So it's a pleasure to note that I know of a group of chicks who are, you know, good people.

Lets take a look at the blogging community for a moment. Can you imagine from where I get the most traffic who aren't regular readers? Life In Low Sec, Mynxee's blog.

It doesn't stop there, obviously, we've got a fair number of chicks in the blogging community.

For a new but an excellent blogger: Venom's Bite.

For a piratey lady who does excellent fiction(and is the second highest blogsource of traffic to me): Sweet Little Bad Girl.

The reason I bring this up though, is that the reason I got into fleet based piracy, is that I flew with a couple of these Hellcats. Up until I trekked to Vitrauze and set up shop, I'd never flown with anyone else. Shae and Mynxee were patient and kind enough for a newb like myself to pick a few things up, and I enjoyed the idea of piracy in groups enough that I went out to find a pirate corporation. It's a supreme honor that I still get to fly with them as they came down to Evati and started working with the Bastards.

So if you see the Hellcats out in space, say hey. They're good peoples. Also duck.

Seriously. Duck. They're pirates too.


  1. You're welcome in our Hot Tub anytime, babe. ♥♥♥

  2. :) way to go Hallen your now in like flynn (Erol Flynn the pirate anyways) Nice to have the hellcats as alliance members indeed! And Dang look how easy it was to get in the hottub...if I were you I'd watch getting out of the tub to be sure!

  3. Damn, I think I'm in love, Hal has to be the first guy in an online game to compliment us chicks instead of open with:

    "I see that you don't have a probe, would you like one?"

    Hell yea he's welcome in our Hot Tub!

    And having Hallan say we are good bloggers and good to fly with is like having Muhammed Ali say "That was a good fight".

    Enough of this mutual love, if I don't rip the wing off some guy tonight I'm gunna roar! (but not you Hal, you just kick back in the hot tub, us girls will be right back)


  4. -.- wait a minute.....what do you want?

  5. They deserve it! :) Good they are around with us here. :)