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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Spike: In terms of a plan?
Angel: We fight.
Spike: Bit more specific.
Angel: Well, personally, I kind of want to slay the dragon.

So, a Hurricane, Vexor, and Thorax are on scan. I'm in a Rifter. I know the Thorax pilot from an earlier conversation, but I've got no idea how reliable he is. I open a conversation anyhow.

Hallan Turrek > How would you feel about teaming up on a 'cane?
Ascipen > Got a link on the guys name?
Ascipen > or where he's at?
Hallan Turrek > EM Tae
Hallan Turrek > He's here in eifer.
Hallan Turrek > Near one of the four belts.
Hallan Turrek > Checking now.
Hallan Turrek > 4-4 right now.
Hallan Turrek > Get agro and I'll be there
Hallan Turrek > Drones will mess me up
Ascipen > im warping in
Ascipen > go.
Hallan Turrek > warpin'
Hallan Turrek > get point

So I land. The scene is an odd one, neither of the two have drones out. I pull into an orbit of the Hurricane and start firing away. The Thorax does not fair well under the onslaught and is very quickly in a pod. I however, am whole, even after he starts firing. I start fighting a Hurricane that still has about seventy five percent shields. After about a minute however I start to think this may go well for me. I open a chat with the target.

Hallan Turrek > So.
Hallan Turrek > 10 million and I let you go.
Em Tae > lol
Hallan Turrek > Offer's now or never.
Em Tae > never
Hallan Turrek > Good to hear.
Em Tae > srry ,don't ransom
Hallan Turrek > No that's cool.

The fight was obviously kinda repetitive after the first couple of minutes, as I whittled down his armor to about half, my cap finally bottomed out and his assault missiles started to rip out some structure until my Rifter couldn't take any more. I warped the pod out and continued the conversation.

Hallan Turrek > Good fight.
Em Tae > GF
Em Tae > for a frig you gave this a run
Hallan Turrek > Yeah, good fight.
Hallan Turrek > God how long was that?
Hallan Turrek > like 4 minutes?
Em Tae > about

Fortunately I had dropped the loot from my earlier excursions before this fight, and he didn't get much.

You know what though? For a while there I was going toe to toe with a Hurricane in a Rifter. Just goes to show you how great that little ship can be.

Good Day.


  1. Pretty awesome fight, Hallan!!! The Rifter is so much fun to fly.

  2. HooooRaaaaa! For my favorite ship! Nice one Hall, what I love about you is you shoot anything that moves.

  3. It's definitely possible to take BCs and BSes on with frigates post QR. I've had a rifter try to nuzzle up to my Harb a few weeks back.. only thing that tends to end it for the frigate is the one to three volleys I manage to land before they acquire their close orbit. Drone flight does the rest.

  4. Great fight, great write-up! Gogo Rifter!
    I've engaged Hurricanes twice in my Rifter, both of them were noobs who could not get past my shield and had Tech 1 drones.
    Unfortunately, neither could I break their armour so I had to leave after running out of ammo. One of those guys sent me 5 million isk after the engagement saying it had been fun.
    I've also ransomed a Myrmidon once after breaking its tank with my Rifter.