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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Foxfire Rocket

  1. Started with a Free Piece of Tritanium. Value: 2.5 isk.
  2. Traded Trit for a Foxfire Rocket. Value : 3 isk.
  3. Traded Foxfire Rocket to Az'kari for a Raven with 2 CCC rigs and 1 Core Defence Operational Solidifier Rig. Value : Approximately 75 million isk.
  4. Traded Rigged Raven to Eriskegal for Rigged and Fitted Geddon. Value: Aproximately 85 Million isk.
  5. Traded Rigged and Fitted Geddon to Oerlikon Llama for unfit Hulk. Value: About 130 million isk.
  6. Traded Hulk to Jude Quinn for 5 Fed Navy Comets. Value: 150 Million isk.
  7. Traded 5 Fed Navy Comets to Ephia for Cynabal. Value 265 million isk.
This was fun, but I just don't have the attention to give this that it needs. I'll be settling for a Cynabal. Thanks guys.



  1. It started as an interesting idea which got completely ruined by jumping from a rocket to a raven in 1 go.

    Too bad you didnt keep it more 'realistic' if you know what I mean.

  2. Something like this can only work if people really want to see their name here.
    So a Raven was quite a huge jump but well, after all, thats what happened to the paperclip as well.

    So, gz on that one, and you finally found something to put in that spot you couldnt leave blank ^^

  3. Yeah, I'd like to point out that this is really kind of a lame exercise since people can be very generous or attention/whore-y.

    If you did these trades and attempted to work your way up in isk value, THEN posted your findings, you might have a better story :/

    A link for inspiration.

  4. I have to say I agree with Benicio. I was looking forward to the steady progression of increasingly valuable items.

    Perhaps you could try again when you're done but impose some kind of restriction on the value differential of the items traded to allow for a more controlled curve.

  5. Or you could all be honest and just admit that if someone offered you a raven for a firefox rocket your have taken it too. Mabey if this wasn't on one of the more popular blogs it would have gone differently but hey. Also if YOU want to see a certain outcome or see more realistic results. Do it your goddamned self. That way we don't have to see the bitching about something you want.

  6. Oh please. So if someone on the street wants to buy your newspaper for $100, you're going to say no? Are you going to turn down the jackpot prize on your lottery ticket so you don't get rich too fast? I don't think so. Someone offered to trade a raven for a rocket - I don't understand why, but it's silly to say "no thanks, I want to make this exercise more difficult".

    Take what you can get and enjoy the ride.

  7. I dunno, I imagine this will still take more trades than the paperclip to house took. He did some pretty serious jumps too. This wouldn't work much as a concept if it really took 500 trades. About 20-100 can keep interest going, but after a hundred it would go downhill.

  8. Agreeing with benicio, it was good up until the 74 million isk jump from the 3isk rocket. Although it was still a good idea to try this out in eve.

    fly safe,
    serenity one

  9. Wow, very interesting. Glad to see that I'm not the only person doing something similar to the paper clip. Although I didn't jump from a rocket to a raven. Lol, I traded my tritanium for a cruise missile, then for a rocket launcher.....16 trades later and I have a halo alpha, But nobody wants to trade anything for it, lol. Anybody want to trade anything for it? Contact me In game. My characters name is Aerisglorus.

  10. If you can get me 5 Navy Comets (about 150 million) I will swap for a Cynabal (about 265 million).

    You have to figure out getting the Comets.

  11. If someone trades me 5 navy comets for that Hulk, it would be a good trade for another 20 million. The chances are pretty slim I'll get that exact trade though. If I do, I'll keep you in mind.

  12. And as soon as I post that I get a mail about someone wanting to do just that. Fun times.

  13. Contract up in Rens. 5 Navy comets for 1 Cynabal.