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Friday, September 10, 2010

Ninja Probing a Populated System

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So, you saw in my Monday post that I've started Ninja Salvaging. Currently I'm operating in a system that's between two level 4 hubs, and has no stations. So most if not all of it's inhabitants are running missions. But even then, how do you pick mission runners out of the hundreds of people in a mission hub? With 10 or more people sitting on a gate or station, and a constant influx and exit of people, you can't really do a scan and ignore like you can in low population systems. What's the trick here?

Well, I don't know how other people do it, but I gave this some thought and came up with a solution.

First of all, you set your probes up in this pattern:

Notice how it's almost a normal scan pattern, but in this case, the probes are spread out more, so the center cross section is tiny. Now, move your probes so that the planet/station/gate is in the very center of your probes, like in the above picture.

Here's another view that may help ya out:

See how the bubbles rise above the planet, but the planet itself isn't inside the radius? That's what you want. Now you just run a scan. If it turns up something, take note of the ID number, and keep looking for it. If this doesn't work, move your probes to the other plane of the solar system. In this case, we scanned below the planet. Lets scan above as well.

Bam. It's slightly more complicated, but it does the job. I'm sure lifetime ninja salvagers have their secret ways to do this a bit better, but this is working pretty well for me, so I'm cool with it.


  1. Great start. I usually do that same pattern, and then jet out 3 more probes. The four in the pattern above are at 8au, and the 3 middle ones are at 4, 2, and 1 au. This way the outer ones help send you in the right direction, and the inner 3 help trim down the results and you can move those around to 0.5au where necessary, etc.

    dotlan is a _great_ resource for finding mission hubs, too.

    welcome to the dark side. ;)

  2. Hey Hallan,

    funny how after many years or lowsec and 0.0 a lot of people like to come back to 'highsec', even if it's for a break only. Is it all about pwning noobs? I think not. Many people like the idea of tricking people into doing something stupid. It's a game of cat and mouse where not only the one with the most guns, but also the one who manages to think outside the box wins.
    We here at Suddenly Ninjas ( even built an entire alliance based on this playstyle.

    There is a public channel (The Ninja Alliance) ingame with a lot of likeminded people (young and old alike) who chat about ninja salvaging and coordinate remote repairs all day.

    Oh, and yes, we do have our secret ways to scan even a bit faster. Ymmv.