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Monday, September 20, 2010

State of The Blog

Light from the sun can take millions of years to get to the surface, but once its there it only takes 8 minutes to get to Earth. I don't have a point here, except to say to guys waiting on their wives to get ready, "It could be worse"

This first bit isn't directed at the majority of you. This is directed at the rather small minority of folks that sent me a ingame mail on Friday asking for an update. Take a good long look at the first bit of writing, right below the banner.

I used to do updates on Monday, Wednsday and Friday. That kind of schedule got to be too much once I took over a leadership role in Noir., and I quit doing it. I have made an update every week since I started blogging. You're guaranteed one Wednesday(ish) and that's it. I'm not going to bitch anyone out... just sayin'. Anything more than one a week is extra.

Since the Stealth Bomber Guide has about doubled my regular traffic, I've been trying to get a few posts in a week, just to make sure the traffic sticks around. So far I've got a whole month of a solid bump, so I'd say it's not going away.

But I do have some extra time since leaving Noir., and I'm enjoying that free time.

However I've spent the last four months paying for game time with ingame isk, and I've just about drained my account dry. Fortunately I now have a job, and will do my ingame self the favor of repaying the debt by buying a couple of sixty day time codes and selling them.

Once I get back to having money, I'm going to step up my search for a new home. I've got a corp in the northern coalition that I've zero'd in on, and I'm probably gonna put an application in by next weekend. Time to see what it's like to be part of a huge coalition.

Edit: Oh and one more thing I meant to include. Back when the chinese blogger accounts were spamming my blog with links, I got tired of going back to old posts and finding their crap. I also got annoyed that I missed genuine comments from people who were late to the party.

So I put a system in place that forces me to read and approve comments on any post older than seven days. So if you post to one, and it says it's awaiting moderation, I'll see it in one or two days and read it. I might not post back, but I will read it.

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