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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Having a Ball

You can't start a fire,
you can't start a fire without a spark.
This gun's for hire,
even if we're just dancing in the dark.
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In the Dark

The jump was smooth. I winced a little as the fatigue hit, but it was mild. 2,000 meters away from my ship sat a Catalyst.

I set my orbit for for GTFO range and pulsed my microwarp drive along with my cloak. My Manticore responded like a dream.

The battle began in earnest. Torpedoes were flying, points were called and we started working on the enemy gang. A Phantasm... a Daredevil. Juicy targets caught in a bubble and engaged.

I laughed as I realized if I didn't decloak soon I'd miss out on the shooting. Then I ran into a Titan.

Capsules are completely prepared for any level of bodily waste you can produce. So when I shit myself a little, the system just sucked it up and kept on a booking.

I should be clear here, so you don't think I was overreacting. See... I thought this was a trap at first. It felt a little too pat. A little too easy.

But I jumped in because... "fuck it" that's why. You register your objections and then you follow your orders. What's the worst that could happen?

As I thought about that, my cloak deactivated. Because I don't mean "I ran into a Titan" like it showed up on grid 50 clicks out. I mean I took a hard left and the right wing of my bomber scraped a 20 meter gash into the side of a fucking Ragnarok.

Then I look at my overview. It's a blue titan. There's a friendly carrier out as well.

I can't help but think... what in the actual fuck is going on.

Fuck it. I'm not having any of this shit. I set a new orbit around the massive piece of space debris that was masquerading as a Minmatar supercap. Which was on the field for GOD ONLY KNOWS WHY. Pretty much every target managed to burn out and get away as well. The whole exercise was nothing but a hilarious opportunity to gank a Catalyst. And gank it we did.

As we headed home I couldn't believe what had just happened. Still, regardless of our luck, I was getting tired. Just as I was about to dock up, I heard about a Bhaalgorn playing station games a few systems out. Everything about the target sounded wrong. A huge and expensive ship in a system with 10 reds all docked up in the same station?

Who the fuck did we think we were? But the FC told us to go in when the Bhaalgorn aggressed. And I jumped, again, into what was almost certainly a trap.

What's the worst that could happen? Of course an Oneiros undocked.

Now to be fair it undocked exactly 35 seconds after the Bhaalgorn exploded. And we looted the field of 350 million isk worth of mods while he watched helplessly. Also we popped the wrecks for good measure.

On the whole it was a pretty good day.

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