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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Were Free

When you get to where you wanna go
And you know the things you wanna know
You're smiling
When you said what you wanna say
And you know the way you wanna play
You'll be so high you'll be flying
She's the One - World Party

Are you having fun?

The roam. It's an integral part of not being bored out of your mind in Eve as a pirate. You pick a destination and just kinda start going there. There's never much of a goal in your mind except to have fun. Well, that's if you want to have fun.

There are actually quite a few different kinds of roams, depending on how your Fleet Commander likes to run things.

Most roams start with a bunch of ships in one system, and send a ship ahead one system to scout out targets and get initial tackle. Once the scout has a target nailed down, the rest of you jump in and the target gets to panic as he tries vainly to kill the dogged Rifter that's keeping a point on him. Your fleet comes down around him and suddenly he's ready to die, or not. Sometimes they fight back hard, get their own backup or run like hell.

Sometimes a roam just takes you somewhere that no matter what numbers you bring, you're bound to get some action. "Set course for Amamake," and fly. Kill until you're full of loot or you're dead, and go home. Rinse, lather repeat. Simple stuff.

But there are different strategies for battlship roams, battlecruiser roams, and frigate roams. Tech one cruiser roams are different from Heavy Assault Cruiser roams by several miles.

If you want to make sure everyone has fun, you'll want to learn your fleet commander, and learn what he wants. Learn what strategies he uses and adapt to do them before he has to ask. If he wants more ECM boats, and you want to fly with him, train up ECM. If he likes frigates, keep working on that. But if you're not having fun regularly on these things, drop the FC like a bad habit.

If you are the FC don't take yourself too seriously. Enjoying yourself is the easiest way to make sure people come along next time. Those serious minded types that pay for this game so they can work will stay behind next time.

Most of all, try to enjoy yourself.

Good Day.

1 comment:

  1. Roams sure beats camping in my opinion, but these days it seems targets are few and far between in our area. Im guessing a lot of people are playing with wormholes right now.

    But you do touch on a keystone of EVE, in EVE you must make your own fun.

    And it's just that which inspired me to go out solo in a newbship and try to steal as much shit as I could. It was fun!