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Monday, March 30, 2009

Interviewing the CSM Candidates

Why do we never get an answer
When we're knocking at the door
With a thousand million questions
About hate and death and war?
Moody Blues - Question

Completed Interviews:
  1. Interview with Chip Mintago
  2. Interview with Larkonis Trassler
  3. Interview with Omber Zombie
  4. Interview with Sokratesz
  5. Interview with Heartstone
  6. Interview with Dierdra Vaal
  7. Interview with Erik Finnegan
  8. Interview with Vuk Lau
  9. Interview with Gaetring Xana
  10. Interview with Admiral IceBlock
  11. Interview with Torda
  12. Interview with DJ Hijak
  13. Interview with Happy Joymaker
  14. Interview with iulixx
  15. Interview with Dan DeGagne
  16. Interview with Mrs Trzzbk
  17. Interview with Weazy Z
  18. Interview with Herschel Yamamoto
  19. Interview with Les Bains
  20. Interview with Garthran
  21. Interview with Shatana Fulfairas
  22. Interview with PsychoBitch
  23. Interview with Mazzilliu
And we're done.


  1. I would love to see some sort of "political" ideology definitions in those who are trying for the CSM.

    Regarding game mechanic changes, is the candidate liberal or conservative? Liberal being more willing and ready to make sweeping changes, where conservative would be more cautious and wait-and-see (pre-nerfing). It seems that CCP has been generally conservative.

    What careers has the candidate participated in or considers themselves representative of?

  2. I'll start. My question for the candidates:

    What do your real life work or personal experiences contribute to your ability to be a highly effective member of the CSM?

  3. 1. One of the benefits of a single-sharded "sandbox" MMOG is that what we do happens in the game, and that can be nearly anything. What effects should players have on the EVE storylines? Do you feel CCP should take steps to better reflect the news posts inside the game itself? Recent examples might include food shortages in a given region, or FW-related storylines.

    2. Currently, once your NPC faction standings drop below -2.0 (including skills), you are forever banned from that faction. Additionally, outside of agent access and KOS status, faction standing has little effect in the game. Do you think CCP should address the general issue of standings, and how so?

  4. I got an issue:

    The respawn amount of ore (hope that makes sense) is very low. And with veldspar now being so popular, it's hard to find a belt (even in remote systems) that has not been vacuumed by a hulk / orca combo.

    Do you think something should be done about this ? I dont think it has changed since 2004 and since then new mining vessels have been released that can clear a belt in a matter of hours...

  5. In light of the moon mining exploit as well as the sov. allegations with the renaming of BoB to a new alliance there seems to be a huge lacking of transparency and silence on CCP's part of the truth to a rather very loyal player base. The word transparency is thrown around in a rather transparent manner as it is now. ie; there is none

    Question: What can you offer, if elected, to bring true transparency to Eve?

  6. Do you believe that the CSM has been communicating effectively with the players that it represents. How do you think that this process could be improved?

  7. My question:

    Everywhere I go, people tell me that Chip Mintago is the people's choice; what is it that makes his platform so universally popular?

  8. Minmatar capitals (and artillery) are currently horrible, My question is; who will take this issue to CCP, and push for a resolution of this problem.