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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We’re starting a book club? What, are you trying to torture me?
Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly

My eyes won't open. Why won't they open? Ahh there we go.

My eyes can survey the room but I can't move my head or my arms. Feet are a no go. They've got me bound up pretty good. This is uh, this is not good. The room is dark except for a bright light directly above me. I can see the walls are white, and extremely clean.

"Hallan Turrek," A voice from behind me says. It's a calm voice. Very cold. I try to turn my head even though I can't. My neck just wrenches and pain comes over me.

"It's very secure, if you were wondering," The man walks slowly and deliberately beside me. I can just see him in my peripheral vision now. He's tall, dark hair. The light shining above me is reflecting off the bald spot on his head as he leans down to my shoulder.

"So, why am I here?" I speak very slowly. My mouth doesn't want to move yet. The drugs are still coursing through my veins.

"Long story short, we needed some information. It always comes down to that doesn't it?" The man moves in front of me. He has a knife in his hand. It's a slender blade with a sharply angled hook at the end, "I want you to tell me everything you know about the Bastards defense plans of Kaalikoata's Evati branches,"

I roll my eyes as he leans in closer. I can smell his breath and see his rotten teeth as he smiles. "You know, it gives me great pleasure to say that I have no idea," My mouth moves so sluggishly again, but I say it.

His smiles widens, "I won't lie Hallan. Me too," He plunges the knife's hook under my skin at the inside of my right elbow and begins to drag it down my arm.

I scream.


  1. Jeeze, Hallan. That really made me wince.

  2. Ouch Hallan!

    Yesterday you were bedding fine wenches and today you're getting stabbed *shudder*

  3. Hmm, to much? It's not over yet either.

  4. Never too much, keep it going ;) Mmmmm torture

  5. So, a meat hook here and there won't make you talk Hallan? Pray he doesn't use a feathered chicken!

  6. "Bastards defense plans of Kaalikoata's Evati branches,"

    There isn't one. Apart from - UNDOCK AND BLOW UP ANYTHING SHOOTING AT YOU!

    Also, we're a lot more mobile than people think....

    Hope your arm is ok - if not, I know a very good plastic surgeon and failing THAT; you can always pod yourself and reanimate into a new self.